[FANCAM][TRANS] 150325 XIA in Tokyo – rassan gorerai 2

I still don’t know. Why this is funny. I don’t understand (T/N: i.e. Rassan gorerai)

You also don’t know? Then Why?

It’s popular right. It’s really popular right?

It really doesn’t have any meaning right.

Rassan gorerai

It really doesn’t mean anything? Totally?

(Fans: it does not)

If that’s so then why? why is it funny? Is it the mood, is the mood of it funny? The rhythm is funny/entertaining?

ah, is that so.

(Rassan gorerai ..)

this is interesting.

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[FANCAM][TRANS] 150324 XIA in Tokyo – Shuiin

that’s right. then. I will try and confirming it.

ah, really, they don’t recieve it (/play along)

ah, loosing to Osaka. Over here is amazing, over here is amazing. Over there is no good.

once more, once more?

Thank you very much.

In Osaka. From a staff (member) in Osaka, (I heard)

In Osaka, if you do, like generally in the middle of walking, if you do something like “susshh”, they give you a reaction.

Like “HO”

I was shocked.. and said ‘that’s a lie’

In Osaka, for the first time, all of a sudden i did it and everyone played along with it.

it was like an automatic response, how should i say. automatic response?

It’s really amazing (T/N: my guess)

but that if you, If you go to kor ah no if you go to Tokyo.

especially if you go to Shibuya or Harajuku and all of a sudden if you do ‘HO’

(when i asked) what kind of response will it be? (T/N: he probably asked this to the Osaka staff guy mentioned earlier). you will be made fun of. Is this true?

Why, even though it’s in the same country, Japan, Osaka and Tokyo is different?

What? what what?

ah, I wanted to try doing this. Babies(/kids) please close your eyes.

is that so. well then, (played along) Together, Thank you very much.

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[FANCAM][TRANS] 150303 XIA in Osaka – dududu + I Love Osaka

In Osaka. Just, generally while walking, even though he/she is a total stranger, something like ‘Bang’

if I do something like, do they receive it (T/N: go along with it)

Instead of ‘ah, scared me’ (T/N; the reaction to Bang)



ah, this is really interesting!

is this really true? really?

It’s not like ‘What are you doing!?’

In Osaka, no I mean in Tokyo, when i asked everyone (T/N: the fans) that if i did this (in Tokyo) then what would the reaction be

It was like ‘What is this’

But in Osaka, there is a such culture here

is there something like this? is it true?

(dudududududu) Amazing!

I Love Osaka!

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[ENG SUB VIDEO] 20141117 Press Conference for 2014 JYJ Japan Dome Tour 一期一会 (Ichigo Ichie)

Admin: For some reason I couldn’t find this conversation in the press release videos however, I found it amusing so I translated the part mentioned in the press article. ^^

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 4.41.45 PM


Q. Other than the concert, is there something you are looking forward to or something you want to eat?

Jaejoong: All three of us really like the food eaten by common people, like Katsu-don (T/N: pork cutlet on rice), and we love Japanese Ramen (T/N: Japanese noodle soup dish). Just yesterday i went to eat Ramen with my members, it was really tasty. Even while (I am) in South Korea, (I) keep on saying that within the Japanese culture, I especially like Japanese food the most. I want to eat. Keep saying I want to eat, and I remember that the first thing that we talked about was that when we go to Japan let’s go to eat Ramen. Only Junsu was not able to eat yesterday..

Junsu: I ate it!

Jaejoong: You ate (ramen)? with who?

Junsu: I also ate ramen yesterday. It was tasty. Ramen, gyoza (T/N: dumplings) and Mabo Tofu, I ate them all. I ate so much that right now it has become an unthinkable thing (laugh)

I found this part in a press conference video. Here are the subs ^^

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Article source: Korepo

original video credit: korepoチャンネル + ランラン編集部

[TRANS] 2014 ‘THE RETURN OF THE KING’ Asia concerts featured in Women’s Weekly (Shukan Josei/週刊女性) Japanese Magazine



[Partial excerpt trans]

YC: before going up on stage and after cheering ‘fight’ with the staff and dancers, the three of us hugged, i was filled up with emotions and thus i said “i love you” to the members (laugh)

JJ: i’m feeling really great.

JS: we lived through the past events together, and from here on the memories we will make together brings me great happiness.

JJ: I believe because you all are with me, I am living while putting out my chest with pride.

JS: today, without showing any tears, i want us to happily bid farewell. See you.

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[FANCAM][TRANS] 150303 XIA in Osaka – rassan gorerai

JS: What is that? Rassan. Gorerai?

‘gorerai’ , what is that?

Owarai (Trans; comical/something funny/comedy)

What kind of comedy is it?

Ras-san-go-re-ra-i. Rassan gorerai. Rassan. Rassan gorerai

this? Interesting(/funny)?

What kind of meaning does it have? Rassan gorerai. doesn’t mean anything?

What. (laughs)

what could it be..



Rassan gorerai

Rassan gorerai. I got it.

I am thinking to move on to the next stage(/performance)

a bit. Today as well. for a good.

In order for a good stage(/performance) please give me a bit of time. Please do rassan gorerai in the mean time.

(T/N: “Rassan gorerai” has become a popular comedy skit done by two guys originating from Osaka. It really means nothing. But kind of is funny, lol. I shall leave a link to it in the end, if anyone is interested)

I really want to see. what is this really? (T/N: i.e. rassan gorerai)

Is it up on YouTube?

Rassan gorerai.

I don’t know why you guys are laughing at this.

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[FANCAM][TRANS] 150304 XIA in Osaka – Genie time, My destiny

JS: Setsunai (T/N: my destiny lyrics) (fan: do your best!). My destiny

The charm of my special stage is that I rehearse while standing on the stage.

(fan: Junsu fighting!)

I may be wrong. Because it’s been quite a few years (since). Because it’s my song, if i didn’t sing it well, it’s not good, right?

(fan: you’ll somwhow be able to manage!)


well, I can’t do this, that’s why. But this song, is troubling me. (T/N: basically he is stumped )

I will do it, okay!


ah. what to do. then, Wonshik please come up. (T/N: Wonshik is the bodyguard’s name 🙂 )

please come up. come up. come up. (in korean)

well, thank you. Let’s go to the center (of the stage).

it’s okay, it’s okay. He keeps saying that it’s not good that he’ll be exposed to the camera.

(fussing for no reason, he did an awesome job! XD)

Thank you. Thank you very much

Okay, second one.

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[FANCAM][TRANS] 140524 XIA the Best Ballad Spring concert in Osaka – Genie time (Lion heart)

JS: lion heart
I can’t remember the melody.
yoochun, yoochun (T/N: indicating that he’ll sing yoochun’s part)
ahh, yoochun’s forehead really is big
can i get to hear a bit of the chorus first? (T/N: i’m not sure what he said but my guess is this.)

(note: and the piano part, fans suggested him that the tune be played with the piano so he understands the melody.)

(fans sing the song)

JS: ahh this (note: tune of the song) while playing the piano
(screaming) kurahaki san!! (T/N: again, i might have misheard the name of the keyboardist)

JS: ahhh.. but.. this..
(reading the lyrics) Ushinatta mono wa minna minna umeteageru
what, what kind of melody was it?
(fans sing again)

JS: aah, what to do.. i really don’t know.
ah, we did sing this right, we did sing this but.
‘Bokura no ongaku’ (trans: our song) (T/N: it’s the name of the show where thsk performed lion heart)

but.. bu. bu. i only rehearsed my part (haha)
(reading) ushinatta
(fans singing) (junsu reading through the lyrics)

yah.. i selected (yoochun’s part) but what do i dooo
really. this will become big failure

ah, he (the keyboardist) came. he came

JS: (to keyboardist) ah, you know. um. really sorry
ah you went to the washroom
are you okay?
are you okay?

JS: ahh.. but what to do

JS: (to keyboardist) they want me to sing from this part (pointing at the score)

JS: (after listening to the tune) okay, i’ll sing.
if i make a bit of mistake please forgive me. Out of all the genie time so far, this might be my biggest failure.
Okay, let’s start

(junsu’s cute mistake XD)
(junsu sings the song)

JS: Thank you very much. I gave it my best.
I’ll show you for real in the next stage (T/N: my guess; i’m not 100% sure what he said here)

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