[FANCAM][TRANS] 140524 XIA the Best Ballad Spring concert in Osaka – Genie time (Lion heart)

JS: lion heart
I can’t remember the melody.
yoochun, yoochun (T/N: indicating that he’ll sing yoochun’s part)
ahh, yoochun’s forehead really is big
can i get to hear a bit of the chorus first? (T/N: i’m not sure what he said but my guess is this.)

(note: and the piano part, fans suggested him that the tune be played with the piano so he understands the melody.)

(fans sing the song)

JS: ahh this (note: tune of the song) while playing the piano
(screaming) kurahaki san!! (T/N: again, i might have misheard the name of the keyboardist)

JS: ahhh.. but.. this..
(reading the lyrics) Ushinatta mono wa minna minna umeteageru
what, what kind of melody was it?
(fans sing again)

JS: aah, what to do.. i really don’t know.
ah, we did sing this right, we did sing this but.
‘Bokura no ongaku’ (trans: our song) (T/N: it’s the name of the show where thsk performed lion heart)

but.. bu. bu. i only rehearsed my part (haha)
(reading) ushinatta
(fans singing) (junsu reading through the lyrics)

yah.. i selected (yoochun’s part) but what do i dooo
really. this will become big failure

ah, he (the keyboardist) came. he came

JS: (to keyboardist) ah, you know. um. really sorry
ah you went to the washroom
are you okay?
are you okay?

JS: ahh.. but what to do

JS: (to keyboardist) they want me to sing from this part (pointing at the score)

JS: (after listening to the tune) okay, i’ll sing.
if i make a bit of mistake please forgive me. Out of all the genie time so far, this might be my biggest failure.
Okay, let’s start

(junsu’s cute mistake XD)
(junsu sings the song)

JS: Thank you very much. I gave it my best.
I’ll show you for real in the next stage (T/N: my guess; i’m not 100% sure what he said here)

Trans credit: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER
Video credit: BAZZIJJANG XIA


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