[FANCAM][TRANS] 150304 XIA in Osaka – Genie time, My destiny

JS: Setsunai (T/N: my destiny lyrics) (fan: do your best!). My destiny

The charm of my special stage is that I rehearse while standing on the stage.

(fan: Junsu fighting!)

I may be wrong. Because it’s been quite a few years (since). Because it’s my song, if i didn’t sing it well, it’s not good, right?

(fan: you’ll somwhow be able to manage!)


well, I can’t do this, that’s why. But this song, is troubling me. (T/N: basically he is stumped )

I will do it, okay!


ah. what to do. then, Wonshik please come up. (T/N: Wonshik is the bodyguard’s name 🙂 )

please come up. come up. come up. (in korean)

well, thank you. Let’s go to the center (of the stage).

it’s okay, it’s okay. He keeps saying that it’s not good that he’ll be exposed to the camera.

(fussing for no reason, he did an awesome job! XD)

Thank you. Thank you very much

Okay, second one.

Trans credit: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

Video credit: iroha 1215

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