[FANCAM][TRANS] 150712 Yoochun FM in Nagoya – JYJ Reunion day story

MC: did you meet recently?

YC: yes, we met recently.

MC: what did you talk about?

YC: amongst the three of us? we just talked like usual. While drinking. In a long time.

MC: what kind of talk do you have, amongst the three, while drinking?

YC: Junsu is, Firstly Junsu can’t drink alcohol at all but, he met Jaejoong after such a long time that he drank just a bit. He drank a bit of Shōchū (Japanese liquor similar to vodka) (T/N: maybe irrelevant, but i don’t know if Junsu actually drank shōchū or maybe the equivalent and since YC is talking in Japanese he chose to say shōchū, it may as well be soju..) and once 30 mins passed, he said  ‘ohh it’s impossible (for me), i’m leaving’. It became like that. It’s because Junsu is weak against alcohol. (MC: oh really) Jaejoong and I (drank) till morning. Jaejoong in the middle fell asleep. (MC: oh really, is that so?)

Trans credit: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER
Video credit: 6002 zoog


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