[FANCAM][TRANS] 150712 Yoochun FM in Nagoya – Yoochun’s fantasy

MC: What kind of dish, would you want (the person) to cook for you? If, If. you went to your girlfriend’s place or (she came) to your place and cook for you.

YC: Normal, isn’t it fine with normal Japanese food.

MC: normal Japanese food is ok(?)

YC: isn’t normal Japanese food (okay)

MC: it’s okay, it’s okay. It’s just that as a Korean male, saying ‘normal Japanese food’ has a feeling like a Japanese male. Japanese food is okay, as a Korean. oh ah then it means the setting for the girlfriend is Japanese right? (YC: hahaha) doesn’t it unconsciously feel like that. ‘normal Japanese food.’

YC: isn’t there something like this. When you arrive back home after finishing work, the hot water bath is all prepared (for you). right? something like that. and outside your pajama is laid out and beer with that.

(T/N: the Japanese term used for ‘hot water bath,’ means just soaking your body in a tub filled with hot water after taking a shower. What YC meant by ‘..the hot water bath is all prepared..’ means that the bath tub was filled with hot water so you can go take a shower and then soak your body in hot water)

MC: so in the beginning (she says) ‘welcome back’

YC: it’s enough now (T/N: this is what i’m guessing he said)

MC: it’s that as Yoochun san (T/N: ‘san’ is Japanese honorific) returned home, ‘Today too shooting was tough’ right?

MC: and then, ‘Welcome back~’

YC: Hug first, something like, ‘ah, I’m exhausted, how was today’

MC: so you don’t kiss (T/N: more like a light peck on the lips ) at that time? it seemed like you like to kiss (T/N: more like a light peck on the lips ). You like a light peck rather than a kiss, you said that yesterday.

YC: well, i kiss(/light peck) as as as well. I want to say, what i want to express. Then, talk for a bit then go take a (hot water) bath

MC: (take a) bath is by yourself?

YC: well, together is also okay. That is if, we were married. If we were married then it’s possible to (bath) together. It’s possible right, since everyone is doing so.

MC: oh so you are the type to enter a bath together. Depending from person to person, no matter how much you like (your spouse), you prefer to take a bath by yourself.

YC: but, you know, it is better by yourself. Isn’t there something like this, after you finish your work and come home, you want some time with silence, (MC: time to yourself), to be by yourself. So during the time you take a bath, is the most (time to yourself), you don’t need to talk at all and there’s no one else.

MC: do you add any bath additives (T/N: bath bombs). Everyone wants to get a better picture of it in their heads. Like the colour of the water in the bath tub, is also important.

YC: I don’t really add anything (MC: like salt, or bath salt). Some times I add salt. Some times. But don’t really add anything. (MC: don’t add anything, just normal, hot water then). Yes, (MC: understood.)

MC: thank you very much everyone for fantasising.

(side note: the MC is so hilarious and quick to catch onto Yoochun’s words lol)

Trans credit: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER
Video credit: 6002 zoog


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