[FANCAM][TRANS] 150324 XIA in Tokyo – Shuiin

that’s right. then. I will try and confirming it.

ah, really, they don’t recieve it (/play along)

ah, loosing to Osaka. Over here is amazing, over here is amazing. Over there is no good.

once more, once more?

Thank you very much.

In Osaka. From a staff (member) in Osaka, (I heard)

In Osaka, if you do, like generally in the middle of walking, if you do something like “susshh”, they give you a reaction.

Like “HO”

I was shocked.. and said ‘that’s a lie’

In Osaka, for the first time, all of a sudden i did it and everyone played along with it.

it was like an automatic response, how should i say. automatic response?

It’s really amazing (T/N: my guess)

but that if you, If you go to kor ah no if you go to Tokyo.

especially if you go to Shibuya or Harajuku and all of a sudden if you do ‘HO’

(when i asked) what kind of response will it be? (T/N: he probably asked this to the Osaka staff guy mentioned earlier). you will be made fun of. Is this true?

Why, even though it’s in the same country, Japan, Osaka and Tokyo is different?

What? what what?

ah, I wanted to try doing this. Babies(/kids) please close your eyes.

is that so. well then, (played along) Together, Thank you very much.

Trans credit: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

Video credit: iroha 1215

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