[FANCAM][TRANS]150712 ALL ABOUT YU – Want to have BBQ matchmaking party with JYJ

(T/N: ‘Goukon’ means matchmaking party, in which the same number of girls meet the same number of guys for the first time, very much a blind date but in a group. It is very common in Japan.)

MC: Wants to do BBQ goukon, BBQ goukon 
YC: What is a goukon?
MC: goukon is a, meeting.
YC: ah, goukon. oh. There is even a BBQ goukon?
MC: goukon is held anywhere, so while doing BBQ.

YC: you can have a goukon while doing BBQ? (fans: it’s possible) 
       you go to the sea (T/N: basically beach)?
       that’s nice.
       yaa, that’s nice. While doing BBQ, (meet) for the first time. Kind of like ‘Nice to meet you, I’m Yoochun.’
       that’s nice. ya, ‘I’m 29 years old’
MC: it’s fun. This person has quite the power of fantasy (T/N: literal translation is actually ‘delusional’ but i feel the english translation word is too strong thus i chose to translate it as ‘having a fantasy’), it’s written here. (YC: oh is that so?)
“It is a BBQ goukon. Please by all means bring along Jaejoong and Junsu as well.”
So it’s a three with three (meeting) (YC: three with three, that’s nice. I really want to try and do it.)  

“I will work hard and loose weight so I can wear a bathing suit.” (YC: work hard and loose weight) Work hard and loose weight.
“I’m sure Jaejoong planned well, and will be grilling meat. And Yoochun will be leisurely drinking beer so please give me advice. The topic of advice is regarding ‘my love for/with Jaejoong'”
YC: Ok, ok. What about Junsu? There’s nothing about Junsu?
MC: There’s nothing written about Junsu. 
YC: there’s nothing written about Junsu (laugh)
MC: Inside this person’s fantasy there’s nothing written about Junsu.
“By the way Yoochun is in love with my friend.”
YC: that way is better.
MC: that way is better. But this girl is definitely, is well different. (T/N: this girl is definitely not interested in YC, this is what it means by ‘different’)
YC:  And Junsu is well. not written (about him). sigh Junsu.
MC: But i think something like BBQ goukon would definitely be fun. three with three.
YC: I’m looking forward to it. (MC: that is so, really) but it’s not possible.
MC: well yes, realistically speaking.   

Trans credit: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER
Video credit: 6002 zoog  


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