[FANCAM][TRANS] 150722 All About Yu in Yokohama – Letter to fans

At last, the fanmeeting tour is coming to it’s end.
Everyone were you able to have fun?
I feel really happy that the fun memories with everyone is newly increased again.
How should i convey my feelings to everyone that it’s good? (T/N: which way of conveying would be good)
I thought of many things from before the fanmeeting started.
With the Japanese fans and my true form (T/N: ありのままの姿 basically means ‘just the way you are’)
I thought I wanted to spend fun/happy time together.
More than 10 years have passed since (I) debuted, right.
I have kept running alongside everyone for one third of my life.
Though it appeared long, and (passed by) in a blink of an eye.
By no means was it a smooth road.
While gripping on to a big dream, there were many times of having uneasiness and painful feelings as well.
Nevertheless, I was able to spend till a day called Today with a smile was definitely, right?
(because of) the members, whose hands (I) held and walked (alongside).
(because of) Family, who understand me the most.
(because of) Staff, who supported me.
It is thanks to (them) And the fans who always protected me warmly and continued to send me lots of love.
Through this fanmeeting tour, I was able to to feel the depth of everyone’s love again.
I am really grateful.
In the past as well as now and from here on as well, the Yoochun who stands on stage like this
It is everyone who have completed (him)
(T/N: It is everyone who have completed the Yoochun who stands on stage like this even in the past, as well as today and from here on as well)
Right now, I am heading towards a new forked road.
Honestly speaking, I have a lot of uneasiness.
But, spending the called. 2 years time
To be able to show you a more stronger, more matured Yoochun. Craved inside my heart
the power of everyone’s smile
I believe i want to take a big step forward.
Even if we are separated, I am under the same sky as everyone.
Till the day we can meet again
Please spend it healthily and happily.
I Love You.
(T/N: Japanese language has two forms of expressing ‘I love you.’ The milder form ‘daisuki’ and ‘aishiteiru.’ I just wanted to add, that Japanese people themselves may say ‘daisuki’ more often than ‘aishiteiru,’ the latter of which is only used on rare occasions showing the depth of emotions.)

Trans credit: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

Video credit: 6002 zoog


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