[TRANS][TWEET COMPILATION] 150825 2015 JYJ MEMBERSHIP WEEK Fanmeeting (For Jap fans)

  1. アンコールでユスがBe my girlをアレンジして歌ってくれたんだけど、ジェジュンのパートは二人は歌わずジェジュンの声をそのまま流しててホロッとした(꒦ິ⌑꒦ີ) [TRANS]
    During encore Yoosu arranged and sang “Be my girl” but, for jaejoong’s part, without the two singing, they flowed Jaejoong voice as it is, i was touched (to the point of tears) (꒦ິ⌑꒦ີ)
  2. 今日罰ゲームでユチョンがインクレ踊ってくれたんだけど、日本FMの時よりスキルアップしてて凄くいい動きだった♡← 会場を煽ったりもして盛り上がる様子を眺めてウケてるジュンス♡wこれも絶対DVDに収めてください(灬´ิω´ิ灬) [TRANS]
    In today’s batsu-game (T/N game played in which loser is given a punishment) Yoochun danced to incredible but, it was skill uped as compared to during Japan FM, it was a really great dancing ♡← stiring up the hall (/audience), gazing at the state of excitement and enjoying Junsu ♡w (T/N ‘w’ stands for laugh) this as well, really want it included in the DVD, please(灬´ิω´ิ灬)
  3. ゲームコーナーでジェンガ対決やった時、ユチョンは勝つために次相手が抜きづらくなるところを抜く賢い頭脳戦で、ジュンスは勝負忘れて危ないところを敢えて抜きにいこうと自己挑戦しててそれぞれのキャラが出てて面白かった😂 [TRANS]
    During game corner when they did jenga showdown, in order to win, Yoochun removed from places that would leave places that are difficult to remove for the next opponent, clever, intelligent war. Junsu forgetting about the match, going ahead successively daring (to choose) dangerous places as a self challenge. Their individual characteristics was coming out and it was interesting 😂
  4. 万歩計ゲームで90秒走ったりステージ回ったり飛んだりして二人ともゼイゼイ息切れて大変だったけどイイ感じにラフに髪が乱れて可愛くて萌えた(灬´ิω´ิ灬)特にジュンスの後ろの髪がピンとハネてたのが可愛すぎたO-<-< [TRANS]
    Pedometer game, the running for 90 seconds, taking rounds around the stage, jumping, the two had it tough with panting but their hair with a good feeling was rough and disordered that it was cute and infatuating (T/N  moe(ru) in japanese) (灬´ิω´ิ灬). Especially Junsu’s messed up back hair was too cuteO-<-<
  5. JYJはスキンシップが多いって話からトーク展開。YCいわく今はJJだけど昔はJSの方がよくスキンシップしてたと。特にメンバーのお尻によく触ってたとかwある日エレベーターでYCに触ろうとするのをYC が避けたら「もう嫌いになったのTT?」ってw
    Talk developed from JYJ have lots of skinship. According to Yoochun, right now is Jaejoong but in the past Junsu did more skinship. Especially, like touched members bottom frequently w. One day in the elevator (Junsu) about to touch Yoochun but Yoochun avoided it, “you’ve started to hate me now TT?” (Junsu) said w 
  6. 今日のユチョンは変顔とかイタズラとかいつも以上にお茶目だったのはやっぱり最後を淋しい雰囲気にしたくなかったのかな〜ってユチョンらしいなと思った^^ゲームではしゃいでファンも盛り上がった楽しいペンミ、明るいお別れでよかったな (*^^*)
    Today’s yoochun was mischievous more than usual with the weird faces and the pranks, it may be because he didn’t want to make the last with a lonely atmosphere~ i believe it is so like Yoochun^^ fans in high spirits with the game and hiped up, fun fanmeeting, it was good with a bright farewell (*^^*)

Source: @xiaholic0420

Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

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