[FANCAM][TRANS] 150825 2015 JYJ MEMBERSHIP WEEK Fanmeeting (for Jap fans) – Penzel Q Thank you


JS: Watching this CM again.. I can even imagine it.
MC: it became quite a topic (to talk about), but in actuality I believe, firstly you see the basis (of the CM) that this CM is like this. What did you think about it?
JS: but this CM. I hadn’t appeared in a television show even once, it was really after a long time I had showed my face in a television show
YC: with this CM that is.
JS: right, right, right.
MC: with this CM, after a long time..
JS: I showed it and..
YC: Penzel Q thank you! 
JS: at that time, I was really, half asleep 
MC: you were half asleep?
JS: I was half asleep and the script (of the CM), I hadn’t really seen it properly. 
MC: hadn’t seen it and were half asleep.
JS: but then Jaejoong went in first to shoot (his part) and then (came) with many feelings of uneasiness and kept on saying that it was tough and that (YC: it was difficult) it was difficult to even say those lines form his mouth and then i showed him my script. He saw it and i said ‘for me, it’s this’. He said ‘work hard’ (Ganbatte). He said that for me, it was comparably better then.
MC: oh is that really so? What about Yoochun? Do you remember about this time’s shooting?
YC: I clearly, I clearly remember the time of this CM’s shooting. Jaejoong was the first to go shoot, next up was me and then Junsu was the last to shoot. In the middle of my shoot, the staff told me to pleaset ry once and say ‘penzel Q thank you.’ I said ahh no, can you give that to Junsu.
MC: it was like that?
JS: really? a lie. (T/N: ‘lie’ is used to show that you don’t believe what the other just said)
originally it was your line!?

YC: it wasn’t my line, it was Junsu’s line but it was that Yoochun try it once, if Yoochun’s is good we’ll use yours. they said it like that but I was ‘noo, (i don’t want to). I will entrust it to Junsu’ 
MC: Junsu’s (made us) a bit laugh but it was good right.
JS: i was really, in the start, it wasn’t with a energetic feel but it was like ‘penzel Q thank you’
MC: a bit refined. (in a) cool way.
YC: originally that is, originally what Junsu said was ‘penzel Q thank you’
JS: I did ‘penzel Q thank you,’ but the staff said ‘that’s wrong, it’s PENZEL Q THANK YOU!’ They kept on asking me to (do that). I worked hard and hard, it wouldn’t be laughable (otherwise). it wouldn’t be laughable if it wasn’t in a high tone feel (MC: high tone). So i just (went) and did it.
MC: everyone is asking you to do it. Just now you showed us a bit before, but once again with a higher tone feel
JS: really, in Korea, other than the fans (yoochun handing Junsu a tablet box), other than the fans, normal high school students, for example male high school students. If I meet such people, immediately after they see me they go ‘penzel Q thank you’
MC: it really became a topic (talked about) if with just that.
JS: But after shooting it and seeing the video, the big people of the company, everyone stood up and applauded. (they said) it was amazing.
MC: it makes everyone wanting to get a headache and buy the medicine. we want (him) to do it … Junsu could you do a bit (for us)?
MC: then please.
YC: cool okay? cool.
MC: 3, 2, 1, action
JS: Penzel Q thank you.
MC: it’s wrong, dissatisfaction.
JS: Penzel Q thank.. yaa, now it has ended already, the contract has ended. 
MC: though the contract has ended, with trouble we came till here, if we don’t see it, we won’t be able to leave(/go back).
JS: everyone then please do ‘thank you’ together with me
MC: ‘thank you’ together right.
JS: Penzel Q thank you.
JS: thank you very much
YC: thank you very much.

video credit: saao chuun

Trans credit: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

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