[FANCAM][TRANS] 150825 2015 JYJ MEMBERSHIP WEEK Fanmeeting (for Jap fans) – Yoochun’s bottom + JYJ skinship


YC: he would touch my bottom and I went like what is it Junsu!? Junsu said ‘you changed Yoochun,’ ‘eh, you changed?’
MC: you mean the bottom changed?
YC: no. the heart.
MC: oh the heart changed, like why you don’t let me touch it.
JS: in the past when i touched it, (YC: it was a joke like that) he endured it, why now, I thought it was okay.
MC: before (touching) the bottom it was okay.
JS: right right right.
It was my bottom. it was my bottom so why now he wouldn’t let me make it my own. that was my thinking.
MC: it’s lonely right
JS: it was lonely.
MC: well then right now, let him touch a bit.
YC: ah no no, it’s okay.
MC: Junsu, i think it’s okay to touch where ever you like.
JS: it’s okay, now I am
YC: in the past it was Junsu but now it’s Jaejoong
JS: ahh, Jaejoong is amazing. He touches a lot.
YC: he hugs and kisses. He kisses when he’s drunk.
MC: he kisses when he’s drunk.
YC: when he’s drunk he goes like
JS: right, right, right.
MC: so from Yoochun, there isn’t a time when you kiss Jaejoong or Junsu?
JS: there isn’t.
that is what Jaejoong does.
YC: Jaejoong does it. Junsu. The two of us are like normal words.
JS: ya, if you say it like that, Jaejoong will
YC: we won’t be seeing him.
JS; right right.
YC: we won’t see him
JS: let’s just do it our way.
MC: Really, the three of you get along really well. is there a time when you have a fight? a quarrel or a fight?
YC: a fight?
MC: a fight or
JS: in reverse, there was quite a bit in the past but now there is none. none at all.
YC: there is none right now.
JS: that and that, want them to accept it. like personality
MC: is that really so? Yoochun is making a (..) face
JS: right, right,
YC: recently there are none. but there were in the past.
MC: in the past, on what things did you fight? since it’s about the past, let me ask a bit.
JS: but, even if we fight it was about really (YC: on small things) trivial things. like (amongst) men. oppositely we didn’t fight about things which were seen as big but on small, fine things. we fought about.
MC: well even if you fought about small, fine things, to just be able to touch the bottom, you’d get along.
JS: that is right.
YC: that’s right.
MC: this time there are a lot of pictures being displayed.

video credit: saao chuun

Trans credit: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


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