[NEWS] 150826 “JYJ MEMBERSHIP WEEK” Fanmeeting is a great success, the memorable time shared with 10,000 Korean-Japanese fans

96d43e6158ce69b0c11d1a6497941d02Special time spent together with the fans, JYJ and fans were one.

C-Jes Entertainment, on 26th August, stated, “yesterday, JYJ finished the ‘2015 JYJ MEMBERSHIP WEEK’ fanmeeting with success back. Fanmeeting, in which 10,000 Japanese and Korean fans participated, Yoochun and Junsu with the fans from the event to the game, even a song was gifted, exceeding 3 hours just for the fans, spent time together.”


This time’s fanmeeting held twice in total, for South Korea and Japan, greeting it’s fourth time this year, members exchanged greetings with their thoughts regarding “JYJ MEMBERSHIP WEEK.”

“Before we knew it the MEMBERSHIP WEEK has greeted it’s fourth time but Jaejoong hyung couldn’t be together with us, it’s lonely. Even in this bad weather, to everyone who filled the hall, I am very grateful. I would be really happy if today became a fun time,” said the members, together with the MC prepared to share a ‘core memory,’ that is the theme of this fanmeeting.

Yoochun and Junsu, from the stage of ‘2010 KBS Drama Awards’ where JYJ stood together, to the figure of rising to the candidate for first place without appearing in music shows, seeing the numerous photos of when receiving an award, reminisce the memories of that time. And, such as talk of an episode while seeing the unreleased pictures as JYJ together, the 6 years time that the members shared together, while spending time to look back on the precious memories with the fans, the hall was hyped up with the harmonious atmosphere.

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In addition, seeing the scene of Yoochun and Junsu’s confrontation in pepero (snack similar to pocky) game, tearing off post it, pushing with hands only, etc., and the person who loses would be given a punishment causing laughter, the atmosphere in the hall increasingly hyped up.

Especially, in the unfolded corner where the two became a director and an actor in an impromptu situation play, the enthusiastic performance presented by each, Junsu who had transformed into a man finally proposing to the person he loves and Yoochun who played as the man who holds pain of letting go of the person he loves. Receiving hot great admiration from the fans.


On the other hand, in the middle of the fanmeeting, Jaejoong, who is currently serving his military enlistment, sent a letter to the fans and his members was made public as a surprise, in one go the hall was wrapped up in cheers.

Firstly, Jaejoong conveyed his feelings of gratitude to his fans by, “even amongst the various training, I am spending my everyday while thinking about everyone. I will return with a more splendid image so, till then please be healthy(/well).” Towards Yoochun and Junsu, “Two, whom I love. Two, who i like the most. From here on, lets be happy for a long time,” he conveyed and touched the members.


On this day Yoochun performed, self-starred drama “Miss Ripley” OST ‘Your Empty Seat’ and his self composed song ‘Walking with her in Springtime.’ Junsu enthusiastically sang, tracklist from his 3rd solo album ‘나비(Butterfly)’ and ‘The Unchanging Truth’ which is the musical number from “Death note,” wrapping up with big cheers.


As Yoochun’s last stage ends, before he enlists on the 27th the fans sang ‘Boy’s letter’ in chorus for him. Listening to the fans singing voice, Yoochun who returned to the stage again was touched by the surprise and his eyes reddened.


In the end Yoochun talked about his thoughts before enlistment, “I say this every time but to live while receiving such big love from everyone to this extent, really every moment is almost overflowing emotion. I am grateful that (you) always gave love to JYJ and, I want the day when the three of us gather to come quickly. I believe this song will forever long will remain in the memories. With that, I’m off!” (T/N: literal trans for ‘i’m off’ is ‘go and return’). Junsu expressed his last thoughts, “I believe JYJ has reached till here with everyone’s power. I believe saying the words ‘I am grateful’ several hundreds of times is still not sufficient, each time of the moments of feeling gratitude, I want to convey this feeling the whole time. I can not forget everyone’s gaze and the feelings of gratitude. (We will) return the favour with a more excellent stage,” and the fanmeeting closed it’s curtains.

Japanese fan, Shizue san, who visited Seoul for the purpose of this fanmeeting, conveyed her impression, “I come every year to attend the membership week, each time I am touched by the members’ feelings for the fans. Photo exhibition was touching, especially today’s fanmeeting really became an unforgettable precious time.”
Korean fan, Kan san expressed a smile, “without minding them being uncool, the image of the members working hard in order to spend fun times with their earnest fans stood out. While thinking about all the time till now together with JYJ, it was a fanmeeting that gave more anticipation of the time together with the members from now on as well.”

Korea Tourism Organization sponsored “2015 JYJ MEMBERSHIP WEEK” opens it’s photo exhibition at Seoul Museum in Buam-dong, Seoul till 30th August.


Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


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