[TRANS] 150901 Love me Japan Captain ‘Love Me Do’ mentions Junsu at Charity match Press conference in Japan

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 7.12.40 PM

Love Me Do

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 7.12.19 PM


After that, Captain of ‘Love Me JAPAN’, Love Me Do added, who introduced himself, “even if I sell my heart I won’t sell my body, your lover, I am Love Me Do. Please call me Love-chan,” Q and A session start.

Q.  It will be a match after 3 years, please tell us your enthusiasm.

Love Me Do (below, Love): That time Junsu was sweet so, I am looking forward to know what kind of good man has Junsu, from 3 years ago, become.

Q. Umm, about your enthusiasm regarding the match… (laugh).

Love: ah, the match you say (laugh). Every time, we were defeated completely in running. The speed of the Korean team, in techniques Japan team had been overwhelmingly defeated. That’s why, this time we more or less added in, athletes who can run.

Q. Love Me Do san is from the side of the running ones?

Love: No, more than running I am on the side of the ones who are watching Junsu. If possible, I want to cling to Junsu, so that the audience scream and go kyaー in wild enthusiasm (laugh).

Source: Korepo

Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


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