[INFO] 20150902 XIA 1st Fanmeeting Tour ‘XIA FIRST LOVE FANMEETING’ Program, Schedule, Goods

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2015.9.26 sat TOKYO: Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa 飛天 (Hiten Hall)

2015.9.27 sun KOBE: Hotel Okura Kobe 平安 (Heian Hall)

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➀ Prior Event

  • Toscana Hotel Photo exhibition and Photo zone
  • Please write questions you are curious about Junsu and want to ask him during the Talk show.
  • Genie time, where wishes are granted. Please write your wishes to Junsu
    *All of the prior events will take place in the Hotel lobby.


  1. EVENT

    ♦ First XIA Story ♦

    Commemorate the First Fanmeeting and, first time revealing all of the honest and frank Junsu!

    ✮ Talk time
    ✮ Genie time
    ✮ Game corner


    ♦ XIA Love U ♦

    Presents prepared by Junsu, filled with feelings of love, for you only who is always by his side.

    ♥ Junsu Live (Plan; 3 songs)
    ♥ Toscana Hotel commemoration goods present
    ♥ Group photo shot with Junsu

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■ Tokyo ■ 26th September 2015 (Sat)

♦ First time (noon) Event: entry 10:30 / enter 11:00 / open (Meal start) 11:30
♦ Second time (night) Event: entry 16:00 / enter 16:30 / open (Meal start) 17:00

■ Kobe ■ 27th September 2015 (Sun)

♦ First time (noon) Event: entry 10:30 / enter 11:00 / open (Meal start) 11:30
♦ Second time (night) Event: entry 16:00 / enter 16:30 / open (Meal start) 17:00

*Evening and night event will be two different events, to participate in each event, respective ticket (for the event) will be needed.
*Program as well as Junsu’s live, for noon and night event content will differ (from each other).
*If you are just before the entry deadline, it may cause an influence on your entrance as well as meal offer. Please reach the venue early.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 5.36.18 PM


USB ¥10,000 (Tax included)

USB with Junsu’s (video) footage, valued as a whole lifetime of treasure, is being sold.
Couldn’t see it before, unreleased video footage and making videos, are waiting for everyone.
Limited sale at the venue. (Due to limited stock, it is possible the sale ends early.)
Requesting for many interest.

*On the day, at the event venue purchase to be accepted in cash.
*For inquiry regarding defective products and goods please contact Toscana Hotel.

Sponsor: Toscana Hotel, Planning/Design: Media FLOS, Collaborators: RAON E&C, TV CHOSUN, GREEN TOUR, Rise communication

Source: http://xia-junsu.jp/

Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


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