[NEWS] 150913 JYJ Junsu, Solo Album release in October & Asia Tour open


JYJ’s Junsu is confirmed for comeback in Fall.
On the 13th, C-Jes entertainment stated, “it has been decided that in october Junsu will be releasing a solo album. Releasing three albums so far, expressing various genre songs in unique colours,  loved by domestic and foreign fans Junsu, after this time’s album release,through Asia tour, is planning to spend time with (his) domestic and foreign fans.”

Followed by divulging, “this time’s album of after 7 months, planning to compose, ballad making use of Junsu’s characteristic singing voice, dance etc., songs perfect for autumn and winter.”


Concerning representative stated, “while pursuing the music style that is one’s own special way, every time (he) aims to change image. Announcing the release of Junsu’s new album, who has fascinated the listeners from around the world, the attention from music officials or society would increase in one go. This time’s album, which expresses Junsu’s music which has a sense of security, as well, will (certainly) become an album of fine quality.”

Presently, Junsu is spending his everyday very busily while preparing for the new album and Asia tour.

Source: Korepoコレポ

Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


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