[FANCAM][TRANS] 150912 “TOSCANA 1-year Anniversary Special Tour~All of Kim Junsu~” Fanmeeting

Junsu’s reaction to Light’s (song) Death note request

MC: In (musical) Death note, the song death note sung by Light, could you please sing a bit?
JS: lyrics?
MC: (she) has the lyrics (with her). She says she has the lyrics (with her).
Originally that is, in the talk show in May, you were asked. Originally you wanted to try out for Light right? in the start that is.
JS: that’s right. yes, yes, yes (giggle)
MC: In the start you requested the company to try out for Light but (you) were told no, that it’s L.
JS: more than ( I ) wanted to, I was invited to (do Light’s role)
MC: you were asked for Light.
JS: yes.


Recently heard music?


MC: can you please sing a bit from (any) music that you’ve been listening to recently?
JS: music.. I haven’t been listening to recently. I listen to music when i’m resting (T/N: when on holiday from work). I listen to songs so much, till now. For me listening to music itself is work. So reversely, I listen to music when i’m resting.


Introducing song, oyaji gag, to even acting cute, 1 person 3 expressions Junjjyu


JS: I sang this song last year as well. (who) has a child, (who) has given birth to a child (T/N: raise your hand). Please don’t lie.
Is there some one here today, who came with their mother (T/N: 母: HaHa in Japanese) ? (Girl: yes)
HaHa (mother)? ahh
Is that so. It is a song towards that mother. The song’s title is Mother as it is.
While imagining the feelings of gratitude towards (your) mother, everyone listen to it.
엄마 (eomma)


What Junsu likes about Hawaii


JS: I really wanted to go to Hawaii. many things, like palm trees.
MC: ah, aren’t there palm trees in Jeju island as well?
JS: there is, there is. but
MC: you wanted to see the real thing? seeing it in Hawaii was certainly a bit different.
JS: but, I really like Hawaii so. But, there are a lot of Japanese (there) right? 
I thought it was Japan.
The good thing about Hawaii is, I can’t speak english right, but in Hawaii, they understand if ( I ) speak in Japanese.
When I go to the convenient store, or go any where, just with Japanese it was pass (T/N: he could survive with just Japanese).
That is Hawaii.
MC: that is what you like about Hawaii?
JS: The fact that I can have a conversation with an American, itself (gives me) a good feeling.
In Japanese that is. Not in Korean. Not in English. But in Japanese.
MC: Did you feel relieved that you could speak Japanese? it was traveling right.
JS: yes. (I thought) I could live in Hawaii.

Video credit: 잉크 + withxiahcom
Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


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