[HQ SCANS][CAP TRANS] Toscana Hotel 2016 Calendar with Junsu 

Fly to the sky…? 

Fate asks unexpectedly, Love asks silently, secretly.  

  Anybody, if doing something really good, is the most happiest

  Love is the wallet of happiness. If given, the content increases to the extent given.

   Love is like a glass. If grasped irresponsibly, gripped too tightly it will break.

  Firstly you, are (capable) of being a person’s good friend. 

   Look for a big tree when you want shelter
(T/N: If you must rely on someone, rely on someone powerful [strong])

  Can I have (you) smile beside me

  Love is, to be always beside/near (you) 

Is it not delightful to have a friend come from afar?

   Till you come to me

I will Love you.


Scans source: XIA_malgumi via JYJ3

Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


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