[NEWS] 150918 Kim Jaejoong starred “SPY” general release decided & general version jacket photo debut 

Kim Jaejoong’s last starred drama before enlistment, which gathered topic, “SPY ~Love a thing to be protected~” following cinemart shopping preceding, from 27th November (fri), sales of general edition goods is decided at other shops, EC site and the jacket photo debuted simultaneously.

In the (drama) work, Jaejoong acted out Kim Sonu, a genius analyst who holds two faces of a kind son who exceedingly loves his family and of a calm and collected elite spy of the national intelligence service.

Yunjin, Sonu’s lover played by “Night watchman journal” Go Sunhee, Sonu’s mother Rimu’s role played by famous actress from “That winter, the wind blows” Bae Jun Ok, Gichul, who confronts Sonu emitting overwhelming presence Yu oson of “Joseon’s Gunman”, etc. even gathering veteran actors who have been acting since young age, adding profound to the super much discussed work.

Thrill and sense of speed flowing story development and Sonu and Yunjin, who can never go on without loving each other, chest tightening with their love, ultimate love story, “SPY ~Love a thing to be protected~” is currently, <first time limited edition> is selling with great popularity at cinemart shopping and is on rental.

“SPY ~Love is a thing to be protected~ <general edition>” DVD & Blu-ray

  • BOX 1 & 2 27th Nov (Fri) release price: Blu-ray/DVD each 18,000¥ + tax

【Special features】
<BOX 1>
Special video ⇒ making part 1, production announcement press conference, united cast interview (Kim Jaejoong, Bae JunOk, Yu oson, Go sunhee), individual cast interview (Kim Jaejoong, Bae JunOk, Yu oson, Go sunhee).
Enclosed privelege ⇒ Original booklet (10 pages)

<BOX 2>
Special video ⇒ making part 2, taken down recorded individual interview (Kim Jaejoong, Bae JunOk), united cast interview (Choi Dalhwan, Kim Minje, Cho Changun), compilation of NG scenes,
Enclosed privelege ⇒ Original booklet (10 pages)

Recording fraction・talk amount: BOX 1 volume compilation approximately 365 mins + special video (Ep 1 to Ep 8)
BOX 2 volume compilation approximately 355 mins + special video (Ep 9 to Ep 16)
3 sets of each/ 2 set original version + one special disk

※ special disk will be DVD with DVD box and blu-ray box. And, the content will be same as first time limited premium edition.
Release・sales: ESPO
Official site: http://www.cinemart.co.jp/spy

Source: Kstyle

Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


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