[VIDEO][TRANS] 150921 Junsu for FCMEN and Best Player award interview at FIGHITING HERO FC MEN Charity Match

Junsu Best player award Intervieiw


MC: what do you think about the Best Player award? we’ve come to the best player now. the atmosphere looks like joking but (T/N: my guess here) what is the reason behind this laugh?

JS: It is not at all an award that I received because I played the best, but after all because I got injured and worked hard so they thought there’s no helping it. Thank you very much! 

MC: But Junsu, you yourself do think that you did it as the best of players?

JS: that’s not true. Today I was walking a bit.

MC: even if it was a walk, it was a intense one. But it was totally cool.

JS: But all the members worked hard, and I have happy to have won.


FCMEN Junsu Interview


MC: you seem to have injured yourself.

JS: I’m okay, I’m okay.

MC: it doesn’t hurt?

JS: I’m okay.

MC: Camera man could you please show Junsu’s leg for a bit. the leg is pretty that it gives the feeling to look at it for a little longer.
Junsu san, today while competing with Love Me JAPAN, what kind of impressions did you have?

JS: They are strong.

MC: they are strong?

JS: um, what do you say, Today, haa (laughs)
 I got the feeling that we might lose.

MC: really?

JS: But I will work hard in order to not loose.

MC: that’s right. I believe the fans are highly anticipating to be able to see Junsu’s working hard appearance, can you give a message to your fans?

JS: whether we win or lose, the (fact that) we came to Japan and to do it together with everyone from Love Me JAPAN and having fun with the audience in itself I am happy. While enjoying this fact, I will have fun. (laughs)

MC: everyone please give your cheers. It was Junsu san.

Video credit: xiaholic0420 + megupon 6002

Trans; xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER



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