@keibaek_EXO ジュンスのファンミでホテルオークラ神戸にやって来ました♪座席抽選でオンマが引き当ててえらく前のテーブルで緊張してきた(;^∀^)
Trans: I’ve come to Hotel Okura Kobe for Junsu’s fanmeeting♪ With Seat Lottery mom won the table in the really front, so (I’ve) become nervous(;^∀^)


@178king もうすぐ ジュンスのファンミ始まるよ~♪
Trans: Junsu’s fan meeting will start in just a bit~♪




@hana_smile1215 家族に感謝して シアわせをいただきに来ました
Trans: Thanks to (my) family, I came here to attain happiness


@hana_smile1215 今日のお食事 ^ ^
Trans: Today’s meal ^ ^





@junxiah97951 始まりました〜一品目
Trans: It has started~ First item



  • 日本の曲歌ってください!!てゆうので、コンテユさんが、誰の曲にします?て聞いたら、ジュンスが、自分のーって(笑) でファンが差し出した紙にforeverlove書いてて、最初の方歌ってくれて、まじで泣いた(T_T)
    Trans: with the request, Please sing a Japanese song!! When Gong Daeyu asked, whose song is it? Junsu said, it’s mine (laugh). The paper which the fans held out, has forever love written on it, he sand the first part. I seriously cried (T_T)
  • カード手渡しの時に足大丈夫ですか?て聞いたら大丈夫です!て💘これ2.3秒の間に会話した😂幸せ補給完了💘💘
    Trans: the time when delivering the card, when asked, is your leg okay? he said it’s okay!  💘 this conservation was in between 2.3 seconds😂 Happiness supply completion 💘💘


  • テユさん「神戸は何年ぶりですか?」JS「何年…」ファン「6年!」JS「6年…?なんで来ましたか?」
    Trans: Daeyu, “after how long has it been (since last) in Kobe,” JS, “how many years…” Fan “6 years!” JS “6 years…? for what had I come?”
  • 歌は東京と同じでした。 ファンへのプレゼントはスカーフ、一緒にセルカ、トスカーナ招待券。 ハグはバックハグが2人。走ってハグが1人。←やはりジュンスはテレテレでした(。・・。)
    Trans: songs were same as Tokyo. Presents to fans were, scarf, selca together, Toscana complimentary ticket. Hug was, back hug 2 poeple, running and hug 1 person. ← as expected Junsu was shy(。・・。)


  • 歌いながらお別れます。ジュンス 所々、日本語がww
    Trans: We will bid farewell while singing. Junsu’s Japanese at some places ww (T/N: ‘w’ is Japanese slang for haha or ㅋ in Korean)
  • アンコールしたけど、時間がおしてるからダメって
    Trans: He did do encore but, time was pressing so not possible
  • ディズニーランドよりUSJの方が好き。ジュンス
    Trans: Junsu: I like USJ more than Disney land
  • 関西弁と韓国語はイントネーション?が似ているから、標準語より覚えやすいと。ジュンス
    Trans: Junsu: Kansai dialect and Korean language intonation ? is similar so, it is easier to remember than standard (Japanese) language.
  • YES、NO シギシギは怖いですか? YES!僕には優しいけど、後輩には厳しい。
    Trans: YES, NO. Are you scared of Sici Sici? YES! He is kind to me but, he is strict to juniors.
  • YES、No シギシギに「ヒョン~好きです♡」言われたら? NO
    Trans: YES, No. If Sici Sici said to you “Hyung~ I like you♡”? NO
  • YES、NO ユチョンが女の子だったら、結婚したいですか? NO
    Trans: YES, NO. Would you want to marry Yoochun, if he was a girl? NO
  • YES、NO ユチョ子(ユチョンが女の子設定)となら、ディズニーランド2時間遊べる? YES 結婚はユチョンを知りすぎてるから無理だけど、ディズニーランドでは遊べる
    Trans: YES, NO. If it was with Yuchoko (Yoochun’s female counterpart) (T/N: the Japanese character 子 is added to the end of a name for females, just like Junko: Jun[su] + ko = female counterpart), can you play for 2 hours in Disney land? YES, marriage is not possible since I know too much about Yoochun, but I can play in Disney land.
  • YES、NO 今日は神戸牛を食べる? YES! 嘘発見機、ビリビリ電流~『あっ!』『あっ!』って顔をしかめるジュンスが可愛いぃ♡
    Trans: YES, NO. Today will you eat Kobe beaf? YES! Lie detector, Piri Piri electric current~ Junsu’s frowning face (going) “AH!” “AH!” was cutee♡
  • お昼の部、ジニータイム1人目は真ん中のテーブル席の方が当たったのだけど、『皆にジュンスが見えるように1周して下さい!』って。一番後ろのテーブルの席だった私は本当に有り難かったです~ お願いしてくれた方、アリガトゥございました♡
    Trans: Day time. Genie time first person was chosen from the middle table seat but, said, “So that everyone can see Junsu, please do one lap (around).” I, whose seat was at the back most table, was really thankful~ Thank you to the one who requested this♡
  • ジニータイム2人目、後ろでダンスして下さい! 後ろはステージがないので、奥の方が見えないので却下。 で、日本の好きな歌を歌って! その方は歌詞を持っておらず、他の方が差し出したのを歌う。←5人東方神起時代の歌?私は知らなかった。
    Trans: Genie time second person, Please dance in the back! it was rejected as there is no stage in the back and people in the back can not see. So, sing a Japanese song you like! this way there was no lyrics (available), so he will sing from (the lyrics) another person held out. ←Song from the time Tohoshinki was 5? I didn’t know the song.
  • ジニータイム、暗黙の了解ですが、個人的なものではなく、皆が楽しめるものをね?←コンテユさん
    Trans: Genie time, there is a tacit agreement that, not something personal but, something that everyone can enjoy right?← Gong Daeyu
  • ジニータイム3人目、中島みゆきさんの「空と君のあいだに」♪
    Trans: Genie time third person, Nakajima Miyuki’s “Sora to kimi no aida in”♪(Between the sky and you)
  • 簡単にレポあげましたが、間違ってたらごめんなさい~とても温かい時間を過ごせました。ジュンスは少し疲れ気味なのかな?テユさん曰く、ジュンスさんは昼より夜の方が元気ですね!と。ww
    Trans: Posted a simple report, sorry if there are mistakes~ spent a totally warm time. Junsu are you slightly tired? Daeyu says, Rather than day time, Junsu feels more healthy at night right! ww


  • js : 神戸久しぶりです……何年ぶりかな? ペン : 6年ぶりー! (番組かコンサートかとかの話になり) js : 神戸の道が懐かしかったデス… ペン : (道が?)クスクス… テユさん : 失笑されてます 的な流れがあった(ボンヤリ記憶より
    Trans: It’s been a while in Kobe…… How many years has it been? Fan: 6 years! (talk became about show or concert) JS: the streets of Kobe was nostalgic… Fan: (Streets?) kusu kusu (T/N: sound of giggle) Daeyu: they are bursting into laughter. Such a flow happened (according to vague memory)
  • 昼の部も東京と同じディズニーの話が出て、じゅんすがディジニーとかディジニーシーって言うのが萌えた!!!周りは家族やカップルや女の子のグループばかりでで…男4人じゃ(気分が)上がらない!原宿にもショッピング行ったけど、買いたいものもなくてすぐ帰ったとwww(ボンヤリ記憶より)
    Trans: Day time similar to Tokyo, talk about Disney land came about, became infatuated with Junsu saying disney or disney sea!!! In the surrounding there were only families or couples or group of girls… with 4 men (mood) would not lift! Went shopping in Harajuku but, there was nothing (JS) wanted to buy so he went back www (according to vague memory)
  • トスカーナの話になり、楽なホテルで、ベッドはホッとするベッドって言ってたと思うwww(ボンヤリ記憶より)
    Trans: talk became about Toscana, comfortable hotel and, I think he called the bed, makes me relieved bed www (according to vague memory)
  • 一番萌えたのはYESNOコーナーで、今日神戸牛食べますか?の質問にハイ!でビリビリきて、あ〜〜っあ〜〜っ!って言った時の顔と声wwwその後(ビリビリレベルを)2にしてっ!2にしてってテユさんに懇願してたのが萌え(ボンヤリ記憶より)
    Trans: I was the most infatuated in the YESNO corner, YES! to the question of, will you eat Kobe beaf today? Piri piri came, his face and voice when he said Ahh Ahh! www After that, putting the (piri piri level to) 2! he besought Daeyu to put it to 2 (according to vague memory)
  • 関西弁と韓国語が話し方のイントネーション?が似てると言う話になって、昔関西に友達がいて、一時期普通に関西弁が出てしまう時があったと(ボンヤリ記憶より)
    Trans: Talk came up that Kansai dialect and Korean intonation in the way of talking? is similar, Long ago (JS) had a friend from Kansai, at one time, there was a time when normally Kansai dialect would come out (according to vague memory)
  • じゅんすとセルカのジャンケンに勝った方が、いざ写す段になって自分が写らない様にじゅんすの後ろに隠れるのがかわいくてwwwwww全然じゅんすの後ろから出てこないwwwじゅんすもめっちゃウケてたwww
    Trans: People who won the rock paper scissors with Junsu for a selca (with Junsu), Junsu was cute when the step to copy came, so that he’s not copied, he covered in the back wwwwww it totally didn’t come out from Junsu’s back www Junsu was really hilarious www(according to vague memory)


@126luna ジュンスに到着♡ (Trans: Arrived to Junsu♡)

CP5BqttUEAAVNXp@xiakkie 前菜とスープにパン~🍴白いパンもっちもち🙌
Trans: Appetizers and soup with pan~🍴white pan was sticky sticky🙌



@xiaherichan JYJ ジュンス 神戸 ホテルオークラ神戸 9月27日(日)  夜の食事スタート オークラさんは 昼も夜も肉料理なんだね〜✨肉好きにはたまらない〜❤️
Trans: JYJ Junsu [in] Kobe. Hotel Okura Kobe 27th Sept (sun). Night time meal start. Okura is serving meat dish in both lunch and night (meal)~✨ Can’t control the love for meat〜❤️

CP5eqU6UEAERKA5 @xiaherichan JYJ ジュンス 神戸 ホテルオークラ神戸 9月27日(日)  夜の食事 デザートは栗のケーキ お皿もオシャレさん✨
Trans: JYJ Junsu [in] Kobe. Hotel Okura Kobe 27th Sept (sun). Night time meal. Dessert is chestnut cake. Plate as well is so fashionable✨


@xiariin ファンミ(2日目)ざっくりおまとめ❤️
Trans: Fan meeting (day 2) roughly summarized ❤️


The streets of Kobe after some years was nostalgic.
Night time (JS) was more healthy/lively than Day time
(JS) has more than 50 black t-shirts
Before had a friend (who was from) Kansai. Kansai dialect is more easy to learn than Standard Japanese language.
Probably will do end of year concert
Actually, next musical is (already) decided
Dokin-chan? Anpan-man’s girlfriend?
Like mama over papa
Know about Yoochoko too much, so marriage is impossible
Sici Sici is kind but strict to juniors
Like USJ more


  • 次の、ミュージカルが決まってるらしい(*^^*)
    Trans: It seems the next musical is (already) decided(*^^*)
  • 頭皮が大丈夫じゃないみたい 嘘発見器w
    Trans: Scalp doesn’t seem to be okay. Lie detector w
  • 黒いTシャツ50枚以上持ってるらしいw
    Trans: It seems he has more than 50 black T shirts w
  • 飛行機では寝てて 富士山は見てないw
    Trans: was sleeping in the aeroplane so didn’t see Mount Fuji w
  • パパよりママのが好き イエスw
    Trans: Like mama more than papa. Yes w
  • ママがヤキモチ妬くでしょーって、じゅんちゃんw
    Trans: Jun chan, Mama will be burning with jealousy w
  • シギシギのことが…男として好きだ←ノー
    Trans: About Sici Sici.. As a man, like him← No
  • 今年の年末にコンサートしますか?←たぶんしますねw
    Trans: Will you do end of year concert this year?← Probably will w
  • 投げキス(≧∇≦) 溜めてからする じゅんちゃんかばええ
    Trans: Blown kiss (≧∇≦)will save it and then do. Jun chan can protect it
  • インクレ踊ってくれた!
    Trans: He danced to incredible!
  • アンパンマンを アンペンマンといったじゅんちゃん
    Trans: Jun chan called anpanman, anpenman
  • ひとつ、ひとつ おじぎが丁寧だなー じゅんちゃん
    Trans: Jun chan’s each bow was so careful
  • 自分の出た番組は見ないけど、メンバーの作品は見るというじゅんちゃんw ジェジュンのトライアングルのパンツ一丁を見て「ジェジュンはアイドルを諦めたな…と。でもJYJはそうやって成長しています(*^^*)」って上手くまとめてたー(≧∇≦)
    Trans: Jun chan said he doesn’t watch shows in which he appeared but, watches member’s work w After watching Jaejoong in Triangle running with just one pair of underwear, “Jaejoong has given up being an idol… But JYJ is maturing by doing this(*^^*),” he summarized it well(≧∇≦)

@hattyu_8 ミュージカルはもう決まっている…年末のライブは多分するでしょう(><)ここまで言ってくれました
Trans: Musical is already decided… will probably do end of year concert(><) he told (us) till here.


  • 30歳になったけど、年だけとって自分ではあまり変化は感じないと。どの現場でも毎回スタッフは年上っていう感覚があるから何気なく年齢きいて年下ってことに自分の年齢を実感するらしいw
    Trans: became 30 years old but, he has only aged and doesn’t feel any change in himself. At any venue as well, he has this sense that every time the staff is older (than JS), so casually when (he) ask their age, they are younger, and it seems he realises his age w
  • ジュンスが水飲む様子が赤ちゃんが哺乳瓶からミルク飲むみたいって言われてたww赤ちゃんって言いすぎだよって笑ってたw
    Trans: (JS) was told that the state of him drinking water is like a baby drinking milk from a feeding bottle ww. He said (calling him a) baby is saying too much and he laughed w
  • 今日のジーニー、投げキッスと会場一周アンコミとインクレダンス!インクレみんなで振りもやって楽しかった!
    Trans: Yesterday’s disney, blown kiss, [singing] uncommitted with one round of the hall and incredible dance! did the incredible swing with everyone, it was fun!
  • ジュンス黒T50枚以上もってるってwwコーディネート好きじゃないし黒は楽?だからってww
    Trans: Junsu has more than 50 black T shirts ww. Doesn’t like coordinating and black is comfortable? is the reason ww
  • てか、今日のハグかけたジャンケン、みんな負けちゃってそれが2回続いたwwwwすごかったwww3回目にしてようやく決まりました!ジュンスもびっくりwww
    Trans: Today’s rock paper scissors for the hug, everyone lost, so continued for twice more wwww it was amazing www in the third time it was finally decided! Junsu was shocked as well www
  • あんぺんまんの話でwバイバイキーンは韓国では何ていうの?っててゆさんに聞かれて見てたけど昔すぎて覚えてない、復習しますって言ってたww
    Trans: In the talk about anpenman (T/N: refer the tweet trans up above) w he tried and asked Daeyu, what do you call ‘baibaiki-n’ in Korean? but (daeyu said) it’s been such a long time that he doesn’t remember. He said I will review it ww
    (T/N: this person wrote ‘baibaiki-n’ which is shortened for bye bye baikin {bacteria} but one of the characters in anpanman is called ‘baikinman’ I’m assuming she is referring to that)
  • 頭皮は大丈夫ですか?って質問にジュンスはたぶん大丈夫!って答えたのにビリビリなったから「だっいじょーぶじゃねーよ!」って上が(頭皮が)言ってますねって(T_T)可愛い(T_T)
    Trans: when asked is your scalp okay? Junsu answered probably okay! it went piri piri, he said above is (scalp is) saying “It’s not okay!” (T_T) Cute (T_T)

@moco_1130 そして今日のジーニータイム、3つとも全員が楽しめるお願い事でほんま楽しかったですヽ(≧▽≦)ノ 投げキッス、会場一周しながはアンコミを歌ってくれ、最後はインクレダンス(*≧艸≦) インクレダンスは本気モードで途中シャツのボタンが外れお胸がチラチラと見えました〜(*≧艸≦)
Trans: And in today’s genie time, all three of the wishes (were something) that everyone (together) can enjoy, it was really enjoyableヽ(≧▽≦)ノ. Blown kiss, singing uncommitted while doing one round of the hall and last was incredible dance(*≧艸≦) Incredible was in the serious mode that in the middle, his shirt button loosened and his chest was seen sparkling~ (*≧艸≦)


  • 将来の話になって下ネタの話も嫌いな人もいるから真ん中を行きますみたいなこと言ってて、じゅんちゅよく分かってるなって思った(´◕ω◕`)←
    Trans: It became the talk about future, there are people who don’t like dirty talks so he said something like he will go till the middle. I thought Junchu knows a lot (´◕ω◕`)←
  • アンパンマンのキャラクターの話になってバイキンマンは韓国語で◯◯って言うとかのくだりで、じゃあドキンちゃんはなんて言いますか?って質問されたら(●`∀´●)?なんですかそれ?ってあー。ガールフレンド!!!ってwwwwかわいいアンパンマン好きなじゅんちゅかわいいTT←
    Trans: The talk became about the characters in Anpanman, following asking about Baikinman is called in Korean, when asked, the what do you call dokin-chan? he said, what is this? and then, Ah~ Girlfriend!!! wwww Cute. Junchu who loves anpanman is cuteTT←
  • でも本当はBLEACHとワンピースが好きですって言ってて、コンテユさんがだから髪の毛そんなブリーチするんですか?って言ったらジュンス様反応なくて流されてた←
    Trans: But, he said that he really likes Bleach and One piece, so when Daeyu said that’s why you bleach your hair so much? Junsu sama without giving a reaction just let it drop←
  • ジュンスも顔疲れてて、でも団体写真後方もちゃんと目合わせて見てくれてたよ😭😭😭😭本当によく出来た子だよ😭😭😭😭
    Trans: Though Junsu and his face was tired but, in the back of group photo he properly saw and met (everyone’s) eyes as well 😭😭😭😭 He is really a good child 😭😭😭😭

@yacchiki0415 ジニーでインクレ踊ってくれて力いっぱいしてくれたからシャツのボタンがとれちゃって😭😭😭胸はだけさせて全力で踊ってくれた😭😭😭💕💕💕ほんと興奮してやばかったwwwwwwwww
Trans: during Genie [time] he danced to incredible with lots of energy that his shirt button came off😭😭😭 he was bare chest and (still) danced with all his might 😭😭😭💕💕💕 (was) really excited, it was crazy wwwwwwwww

(T/N: some of the tweets may have seemed repetitive, though talking about the same content there was a slight small additions which I didn’t feel like leaving out, so went ahead with translating. These are just a few of the many i found, and i kept on copy pasting till i realised it’s too much www. Thanks to all the lovely tweet reports from the fans who attended ファンミに参加いただいた皆さんのレポ本当にありがとうございます!読んで楽しかった!^^)

Source: @keibaek_EXO + @178king + @hana_smile1215 + @junxiah97951 + @ffany_jj_t + @fuuumeee0821 +  @akiekun + @gamba1201 + @126luna + @xiakkie + @xiaherichan + @xiariin + @xiahappy1215 + @hattyu_8 + @emiah0216 + @moco_1130 + @yacchiki0415

Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

Tweet compiled by: xiahjunjjyu




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