[TWEET COMPILATION + TRANS] Compilation of touching episodes from ‘XIA FIRST LOVE FANMEETING’ in Japan

Amin note: I found these few tweets after I had already finished with the compilation and the translations of the tweet reports from the ‘XIA FIRST LOVE FANMEETING’ in Tokyo. I did not want to add them up in that post incase people missed reading it. Most of these episodes are from the fanmeeting in Tokyo. Enjoy! ^^



Trans: One of the requests during Genie time (was), please come to this table. He said Genie time is something everyone can enjoy so he turned it down and but he walked around the hall, his kindness of shaking hands with that fan 😭. He really is a person who every time, thinks about how everyone can enjoy and talks and acts (according to that).😭😭💓


It goes without saying since (we are) paying the money but even with that, I think Junsu interacts sincerely😭. He properly seeing each person’s eyes and with a smile said Thank you very much😭. I like Junsu’s voice and became a fan but, same as his voice I like his human nature 😭💕


Key points were, though the food did not turn around and come at the same time (compared to noon, the number of people increased so i think it was tough), only during the time of pan it turned around and came, and the time Junsu came out for encore, it took time till he came out so i thought maybe outfit change!? But he came out in the same clothes wwwww


At the time of singing encore as well, at first hesitated if it’s okay. (he said) there was no encore in daytime (FM) but.. it seems he was apologetic to the people in the day time (FM) (꒦ິ⌑꒦ີ) Kind (꒦ິ⌑꒦ີ) It wasn’t that since it’s the last, let’s do an encore! but he was thinking he was sorry for the day time people (꒦ິ⌑꒦ີ)


Junsu has this side right (꒦ິ⌑꒦ີ)(꒦ິ⌑꒦ີ)(꒦ິ⌑꒦ີ)

@F0224 昨日サイン会に参加した友達から聞きました😊友達がJSと話している途中で、スタッフさんが次へ!とアプローチをしたのを見て『話の途中の時は、それしないで……』ってそのスタッフさんに、お願いしてくれたそうです。 JSの心遣いが嬉しいエピソードでした😊

I heard this from a friend who attended yesterday’s sign meet😊. In the middle of my friend talking to Junsu, staff said next! and seeing him approach, (JS) requested to that staff, “(please) don’t do that (when) in the middle of talking……” It was an episode of Junsu’s joyful consideration.

@xiahsea テユ君が2013年のファンミの時、アンコールの声実は3人に聞こえてたって、(会場とか時間とかの問題で)出れなかったけど、伝わってたって、いつもJYJはファンの声に応えてくれるし、JYJとファンが通じ合っててすごいと思う的な事を熱く語ってくれて嬉しかった😂💕

At the time of 2013 Fanmeeting Daeyu (said) the voice for encore was actually heard by the three (JYJ), (due to problems with hall and time) they weren’t able to come out but, it did come across. (they) aways answer to JYJ’s fans voices and, JYJ and fans understand each other which he thinks is amazing, he told this passionately, made (me) happy😂💕

@lo2436mitsukive コンテユさんが JYJとファンとの絆が凄く厚いって😂😂😂JYJコンでのJYJコールを 3人は裏でしっかり聞いてくれてたって😂😂😂

Gong daeyu said JYJ and (their) fans bond is very warm😂😂😂. At JYJ concert, at the back the three properly listen to the JYJ [en]core 😂😂😂

Source: @ysxxiah + @F0224 + @lo2436mitsukive

Tweet compiled by: xiahjunjjyu

Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER



Kang Hong Suk mentions Junsu at a musical concert

Source via @xiamico
She attended some musical concert in which Death note musical Ryuk role Kang Hong-suk participated.
Below is her tweet and the respective translation.



Hong suk sang ‘Uphill Road’ however, in the MC (segment) after that, he said that at a Death note actor’s wedding ceremony Junsu sang this song, that was so beautiful that after that he did various investigations (about this song) (laugh)

Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER



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