[FANCAM][TRANS] ‘XIA FIRST LOVE FANMEETING’ in Kobe – Talk about aging

Note: I previously translated this tweet. The fancam below is from this one. I wasn’t going to translate but I can’t help myself lol ^^

@emiah0216 30歳になったけど、年だけとって自分ではあまり変化は感じないと。どの現場でも毎回スタッフは年上っていう感覚があるから何気なく年齢きいて年下ってことに自分の年齢を実感するらしいw
Trans: became 30 years old but, he has only aged and doesn’t feel any change in himself. At any venue as well, he has this sense that every time the staff is older (than JS), so casually when (he) ask their age, they are younger, and it seems he realises his age w

Part 1


JS: if I ask like how old are you? and after hearing how old they are, I myself have aged as well, without thinking about that.
Just hearing their age, I think that, what should I say,
Though they are younger than me, all of them appear to me as elder brother or elder sister.
Recently, they (staff) are younger than me [by quite some years].
(Junsu having trouble wording his thoughts)
(Junsu asking daeyu in Korean)
MC: oh when you meet them, you feel somewhat like your past self and you think that (they) are older than you.
JS: right, right, right.


Part 2


Fan: it’s okay.
JS: really, really.
MC: well that’s right, in terms of age..
JS: I think it’s a good thing for me
But really, it’s kind of different (T/N: my guess)
umm, yes.
MC: ‘soo young!’
JS: I thought So young!
recently, is well
Yes, that is so.
Really young!
MC: are they shining?
JS: (pause, thinking) yes!
Really shining!
MC: right now who did you think of?
JS: their eyes is really shining. (MC: yes yes yes)
Really, well
like the time when Tohoshinki first debuted, those eyes, everyone has them.
(MC: oh) Yes.
Sometimes, I think,
to that time
I want to return to the eyes that were shining at that time.
I think about it but,

(T/N: MC asked a different question so I omitted the translation for that since there is no continuation to that.)

Video: 잉크

Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

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