[INFO] 2015 4th XIA ASIA TOUR IN JAPAN – Nagoya concert decided!

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Nagoya concert decided!

This time’s Asia tour in Japan concert, following Yokohama stadium, has been decided to be held at Nagoya Nippon gaishi hall. On this time’s Asia tour, for Japan concert, Nagoya Nippon gaishi hall concert will be the last!

JYJ’s special arranged song or, that memorable song that everyone wants to hear! etc. Special fully loaded project concert only in Japan! Don’t miss by all means!!!

<Concert Title> 2015 XIA 4th ASIA TOUR CONCERT IN JAPAN

【Nagoya concert】
28th November 2015 (Sat) 16:00 open/ 17:00 Start
29th November 2015 (Sun) 14:00 open/ 15:00 Start
Venue: Nagoya Nippon gaishi hall
※ Planning to sequentially open ticketing through fanclub members (going first) for Nagoya concert from 25th October.

Ticket price: All seats ¥10,800 (including tax)

For inquiry: ZOOM enterprise 052-290-0909 weekdays/11:00~19:00

※This time’s for concert in Japan, will be held at 2 venues including, Yokohama stadium (and) Nagoya Nihon gaishi hall.

For details please check with this official homepage.

Source: junsu-live.com (1)

Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


4 thoughts on “[INFO] 2015 4th XIA ASIA TOUR IN JAPAN – Nagoya concert decided!

  1. Thanks so much for translating the concert info!

    I was wondering if you know how to get tickets to this Nagoya concert for intl fans?? When and how is ticketing done and do you maybe have any tips for getting tickets? Would appreciate the help cos I really want to go but I’ve never been to any concert in Japan.

    Many thanks!!!


    1. Wee, i started typing to answer your question, but realized it was becoming too long.. So i’ve decided to make a new blog post. It will be up in a bit so please check the info there. ^^


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