[NEWS] 151017 Junsu (JYJ), revealed scenes from his Asia Tour Rehearsal


(Image credit: OSEN)

Rehearsal scenes of Junsu (JYJ), who is in preparation for his new album release, was revealed to the public.

On the 17th [Oct], C-Jes Entertainment conveyed, “on this day, at noon, through ‘JYJ’s Official Facebook, pictures from the dance practice for XIA (Junsu)’s Asia Tour, which is starting from the 24th [Oct], were revealed. Fan’s passionate response to the photograph of Junsu’s practice form, showcasing explosion-like performance exceeding imagination from each respective performances from the past 3 times Asia Tour, is not ceasing.”

The revealed pictures implore Junsu’s zealous form during practice, in a natural attire, together with the dancers. It says that without being affected (by the fact that) this time’s Album title track is a ballad, seemingly everyday (he is) shedding sweat, holding an enthusiasm to show a new stage for the fans assembling at the (concert) venue.

Concerned official conveyed, “Junsu, who has grasped the hearts of the fans from the whole world, with his performance exceeding prediction each time, this time’s performance’s stage as well is organised (to be) more than imagined. Of course a fresh and lively performance, ballad rich in sensitivity of ‘one’s speciality’ and the like, when (it happens) as well (it will) become a performance with increasing diverse composition.”

Junsu’s new album “Yesterday” will be released on the 19th of this month.

Source: WoW! Korea ワウコリア via Yahoo Japan news

Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


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