[OTHER SNS] 151023 DJ Snoopy’s blog update on Interview with Junsu

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I posted on FmyokohaRadio HITS Radio’s blog. Check Junsu kun’s information and picture as well! And comment [from Junsu] will be played on WANT tonight from 22:00! Junsu kun’s signed goods present as well! Listen ok!


This week is introduction of Junsu’s album & famous music feature

Tomorrow 24th’s broadcast is currently being on a later date!

I will introduce JYJ’s Junsu kun’s solo album.

Truth is, today I went to interview Junsu kun, who was rehearsing.

With the [concert in] Yokohama Stadium on the 24th, 25th , since it’s a concert in favourite town of Yokohama,

therefore an interview is a must~ willingly Junsu kun also said OK.

Death note’s on stage talk, about managing physical condition, about JYJ, explaining each one song [from] the solo album

[And] like recently he is driving…. he talked about many various things.

This interview will be broadcasted next week on the 31st. It’s Halloween right~

that being said, tried and took this picture.


When told hold this, he obediently held it~

always thankful~

Will give Junsu kun’s signed poster to one person.

Next week the prize winner will be announced, so please write thoughts about the concert, thoughts regarding the show etc.

and send it. I’m thinking I want to introduce the mails received from everyone.


To Radio HITS Radio!


He signed the poster that came with the CD I bought yesterday w

Do you know why it’s called OeO?

Source: @RadioDJSnoopy + Radio HITS Radio blog

Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


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