[OTHER TWITTER][OTHER BLOG] 151023 Junsu’s interview later to be posted on F Yoko RadioHITSRadio blog + message to WANT

DJSnoopy (Keiko Imaizumi)’s TweetScreen Shot 2015-10-23 at 2.03.16 PM


I interviewed Junsu kun (T/N: honorific used for younger aged males, display of familiarity), who is performing his concert at Yokohama Stadium tomorrow [and] day after tomorrow! Will be posting the details later on F Yoko[hama] RadioHITSRadio’s blog. It seems recently he is enjoying drives! He talked a lot regarding Death note, JYJ and his Solo [activties]. There is a message for tonight’s WANT as well.


RadioHITSRadio blog site LINK
WANT is a radio show on Fm Yokohama 84.7 Every Friday 22:00-23:00.

 Fm Yokohama 84.7 W・A・N・T blog post

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23rd October 2015 (Friday)

Tonight’s W・A・N・T

It being said that it’s the Special Week

We have a Yokohama quiz~ Please Get a present by guessing the (answer to the) quiz.

We have ZiNEZ kun interview with Zebrahead as well.

This time, we did an interview by ourself without a translator for the first time. And spinning a

basket ball as well , can we grab hold of Zebrahead’s hearts…. Looking forward to it

And we plan to ON AIR message from that person tonight.

That is, that super famous person, who will have a Live tomorrow.

This week’s theme is, you are the type who (celebrates) halloween? or the type who doesn’t?

Message to


Source: @RadioDJSnoopy + Fm Yokohama 84.7 W・A・N・T blog

Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


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