[TRANS] 151025 Genie time at day 1 of 2015 XIA 4th ASIA TOUR IN JAPAN YOKOHAMA STADIUM

Admin: i will post a few tweet translations tomorrow, for now, a short excerpt of genie time. 

(At some parts I couldn’t hear properly what Junsu said, so forgive the sudden gaps)

That song was No reason, when you fall in love you don’t need a reason.

From 2015, in the past of Charisma Junsu, now is Ero[-tic] Jun chan. Let’s be today’s healthy male.

without knowing I also turned 30. I’ve said this many times before, at some time, when we become 29, hold an ero[-tic] concert. If I do it suddenly then you’ll be shocked. […] I will show everything to the fans. Person changes with time.

When I do such a concert, at that time only I will show my real self. my real self, right now i’m pretending.

I am kind of embarrassed now. From here on it’s JUNSU TIME!

Genie time

1. JS: “Start of the game” (in Japanese, The Game Begins)
This year, I did Death note in Korea, Death note musical with L character, song from in there “The Game Begins” I will be singing after a long time. This song, [sing] while acting, I can’t do it here, but if i don’t do it, it might appear strange but i’ll give it a try.

L enters with this song after 40 mins. the musical has started but 40 mins later. Though he entered, it ends soon. the whole was 57 cast members. I feel that I have matured a bit more.

2. Wearing bunny ears headband and sing Mozart Musical ‘I am Music’

Fans: wear the ears. wear the ears

This song is from a musical. My debut musical Mozart. It’s the song when i first entered. Ah I’m wrong, it’s the song after the song I entered. ‘I am Music’

3. No Gain

No Gain, It’s the song Jaejoong composed. But there are no lyrics for No Gain. ah ah it’s there.

Eukyangkyang, melody is..? Everyone could you please sing, ready set, (silence)

narararararra, really what is it

I’m gonna sing it after 5 years so if it’s a bit wrong, forgiving me sounds great too.
[T/N yurushikute (forgiving me) yosasouda (sounds great), Play on what Junsu used to say before, Japanese he learned from bleach]

Outdoor stadium is nice right. I played soccer here, more like running so much. I remember A-nation, (when I went) around Japan. like Eihime, the princess we don’t meet eihime (Ainai hime wa eihime), and nageshi soumen. Recently i’m not really moving around Japan, but the good memories from that time still remain, I think I know more about the famous things than you guys and the staff member over here. Why? the reason is, you guys don’t go and search about the curious things and eating things, I search about it. When tohoshinki was not selling, I went around everywhere and ate all the famous food, [..] kind of sad,

Yokohama is, that that that (something i didn’t hear properly), that’s right. No? it’s wrong.
Pork bun. Wrong? oh Pork bun is Nagoya. Wrong? no?

I went to fm Yokohama and saw the osanbashi and sang blue light Yokohama. (JS sings blue light Yokohama)

Source and Translations by: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


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