[NEWS] 151025 JYJ Junsu attracted 20,000 fans with “2015 XIA 4th ASIA TOUR IN JAPAN”


On 24th October (Sat), JYJ’s Junsu held his solo concert “2015 XIA 4th ASIA TOUR CONCERT IN JAPAN” at Yokohama Stadium and intoxicated 20,000 fans.

It was the first day of the Asia Tour and from before the curtains were raised the venue was full of enthusiasm of the fans, who were full of anticipation. A great shout of joy went up as Junsu appears as the fireworks and flames break out in the night sky. He performed a total of 18 songs, of course from his 3 solo albums of till now, and including the songs of his 4th solo album “Yesterday”, which was released in Korea on the 19th and at the same time one after the other the recorded songs were ranked on the charts.


Started from danceable number “Out of Control” and instantly changed the hall with the atmosphere of overwhelming charisma to XIA Junsu’s world. Next, he threw off his jacket and sang enthusiastically a moody “Turn it up” among the fans loud chants.

Finishing the 2 songs, thinking that he greeted by shouting, “Hello everyone. I am XIA! Welcome to 2015 XIA First Live Tour in Yokohama! Is everyone healthy (T/N: this is the literal trans, but means how are you)? Are you motivated?!” and then “ah? It’s LOVE ME san!” he found the celebrity who came in the audience, LOVE ME DO, and gave a light hearted greeting, and coolly said “this time to the stage of Junsu the Best…” gave an embarrassed grin in the burst of cheer in the venue, bursted into laughter, and showed a happy smile appearing to express that Junsu himself was really looking forward to this time’s tour.


In the custom “Genie time” where he grants three wishes from the fans, song from ‘Death note’ musical in which Junsu acted as “L” this year in Korea and received favourable reception, song from his first musical ‘Mozart’ performed before, it was a luxurious one act even though it was performed in acapella. Even while saying that it is difficult because in reality you sing (these) songs while acting inside the flow of the story in the musical, he starts singing, he sang on the top of his voice full of feelings so that the scene comes to mind. Additionally, when the fans handed over the lyrics sheet and requested,”No Gain” composed and written by JYJ’s member Jaejoong, he showed one side of playfulness as well when he requested for assistance from the fans and sang after being taught through humming.


After that as well, performed powerfully one by one with charismatic voice and magnificent dance, ballads of various ambience and danceable numbers and the like, and mesmerised the (audience in the) venue. In the end, he expressed his feelings of deep gratitude to the fans, “I believe I am able to stand on this stage thanks to everyone, and though i have feelings of anxiety every time when i prepare for this stage, every time I overcome it and I receive feelings of happiness from everyone. I can’t express it properly but I am immensely thankful every time. I will work hard from now on as well in order to show you my songs and performance.” Stage full of Junsu’s charms will be held on the following 25th in Yokohama Stadium concert, after which in Seoul, Korea on the 7th and 8th November, and for a second time on a later date in Nagoya held on the 28th and 29th November.

Source: Korepo

Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


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