[FANCAM][TRANS] 151025 2015 XIA 4th ASIA TOUR IN JAPAN at Yokohama Stadium (Day 2)

Junsu Hyung


My manager. My security [guard]
(T/N: seemed like JS said secret, but that doesn’t make sense,, so i assumed he said security)

Please drink it.

The two you just met right now are younger than me.
The one who brought water right now, may look like he is younger than me i don’t know
but Sici Sici
even now, when he calls me Aniki(/hyung/big brother)
I’m still not used to it.

Something might have happened when he was a child
Maybe he took the wrong medicine

But isn’t he handsome?
Recently since he got the nickname ‘Sici Sici’
something [has changed], and his skin has become clearer
Maybe he is going to a shop

something, a bit.
I feel like he’s become more stylish

I’m certain there has been some kind of change in mental state
I’m absolutely sure there is.

But still, they are the two whom I like quite a lot.

Third Ment after No Reason


Are you having fun everyone?
Have you gotten hotter?

Again for favourable progress

The song i sang right now
the song i sang right now

(Fans: no reason)
What is?
(Fan: Junsu erotic!)
What is it?
(Fan screaming: Eroticccc)
When it becomes night
ahhh, that’s right
I am Junsu who becomes hotter
This song, called no reason
no need for words
no need for a reason
Just that, I like you

With a song with this meaning
normally, it was a performance with just this kind of meaning

I said this last year
Little by little
like my image
like my oyaji gags that i invented quite a lot in the past

umm, like. doing this (the pose Junsu did for the uchiwa in 2015 Japan arena tour tokyo i believe) 

like Junsu of the page
without forgetting
now, the time has passed by
Without me even knowing, I became thirty years in a blink of the eye
I became more of a man

I’m sorry [saying this] from my own mouth
In the past I was aiming for charisma
From thirty years old..
(fans: erotic)
Not erotic.
Lets keep this to a healthy man


oh well, but
like i said last year
I will show my image the hard part of this stage a little by little
this was the first part
with the time passing by, when I become 40 year old I don’t know what I will do

But even when I am 40 year old, if I am asked by everyone
like this or (XIA angel pose)
Without forgetting these, well many different things
I will work hard in order to show many various things

Sorry to keep everyone waiting
From here on is!

This time is called Genie time.

Junsu’s mom singing Blue light Yokohama (Genie time 2nd wish)


It is My mother.

It is my mother who gave birth to me.
A big round of applause.

I learned this song from my mother when I was in elementary school
Listen to it from my mother’s voice

But If,
At that time, My mother did not know Japanese.
She heard it from her ears and sang it so
I’m not sure, It might be wrong
(to his mom) Please work hard and try

JS mom: Thank you very much

(T/N: Junsu’s mom’s Japanese pronunciation was very good, just a very small hint of accent. And she sang it very well, with a great feel. Blue light Yokohama is a musical genre song, sung by Ayumi Ishida in 1968, for original version click here)

When the three gather 


When i sang Backseat suddenly,
even in the middle of singing the song I remembered my members
A while back, Jaejoong and Yoochun had time, so I met them.
The three of us went to a Izakaya(T/N: bar/pub)
Probably the most classy one in Korea.

Jaejoong made the reservations.
I paid the bill.

I did think I would have to pay either way but
The two of them said, well
‘because we aren’t working right now’
‘we aren’t earning money at all’
‘Junsu HAS to pay for the bill’

But, honestly speaking
I am back biting about them a bit

 When the three of us gather
Majority [of the times] I am definitely paying
and when I ask about the reason behind it
there really is no words for it

Both of them are strong drinkers and I am enjoying it
And both of them meet each other a lot and go to drink
And so both of them go to drink and..
how do i say this?
right right, while moving around.
is ‘moving around’ right ? [form of expression]

In Korea we don’t do dutch pay.
Jaejoong pays, or Yoochun pays
right right. continuously
[Jaejoong and Yoochun alternate paying]

But that’s only within the TWO OF THEM!
I totally haven’t had a drink there
I have never eaten anything that I got from them.
Even thought just the two of them are doing that
When three of us meet, those two have been continuously paying back and forth for each other
so this time, Junsu pay [for them]
Even though it’s the first time for me!
Even though it’s the first time with the three of us, Junsu please pay.
It is like if it’s the three of us [gathered], definitely I am the one who is paying
Well, but I am eating
I like to do calculations in these kinds of things.

But, for me, in life
humans work hard in order to eat
they can continue to live
I am the happiest when I eat tasty food
When I pay the money
Though I do pay for when eating, without any thoughts, with lots of feelings
But with the three of us, when we gather and I pay the bill
I kind of feel like I am being fooled

and when the three of us gather, [the place] is really really classy/expensive
the two of them know that Junsu is paying for this
really well..
Alcohol that I haven’t even seen once keeps on coming
‘What is this alcohol’
Though i haven’t even drink at all yet
the two of them continuously go
‘Cheers’ !

But oh well
The two of them recently are poor so

This was a joke ㅋㅋ

But the two of them
when I look at their faces
it seems like they’ve become more brighter

(This was such a treat to translate! so hilarious to listen to Junsu’s rambles)

Video: withxiahcom + lejxiah + hyunjoong501charu

Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

6 thoughts on “[FANCAM][TRANS] 151025 2015 XIA 4th ASIA TOUR IN JAPAN at Yokohama Stadium (Day 2)

  1. AH so he confirm what i always assume~~
    those ‘big bros’ of his…..what a way to take advantage of the youngest! they’re supposed to pay because they’re older! tskkkk at those cheapskates keke XD


    1. Jaejoong and Yoochun just love bullying him, purposely booking in an expensive restaurant XD
      But Jaejoong is amazing, to be able to get reservations in a high class pub even when he’s in military 😮


      1. I’m pretty sure that JJ can get a reservation because of his name; he is a celebrity even if he is in the military right now. Also, he or yc might frequent the place than js realizes


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