[NEWS] 151104 JYJ Jaejoong starred “Heaven’s Postman” and other sentimental movies special feature at LaLaTV November Cinema elle

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【Female channel ♪LaLa TV】Won the Prime minister’s award at the “Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards”! JYJ Jaejoong starred “Heaven’s Postman” and others, special feature [with] sentimental movies at November’s cinema elle!

November’s LaLa TV will do a special feature broadcast of movies which indulge you in sentimental feels! On a previous date, JYJ Jaejoong, who won the Prime minister’s award at the “Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards”, and made big news with his attendance at the awards ceremony while enlistment in military, delivers the letter to heaven, playing a mysterious delivery man fantasy ‘Heaven’s Postman’.

Every week Friday 11 p.m. broadcast on “Cinema elle”, will be broadcasting various work to make an attractive special feature in the future. Be certain to look forward to it!

Broadcast Information

“Heaven’s Postman”

Korea/2009/108 mins/subtitled/HD work
Broadcast date and time: 11/6 (Fri) from 23:00

Starring: Jaejoong (‘Protect the boss’ ‘Triangle’ ‘Spy~Love a thing to be protected~’)
Han Hyojoo (‘Brilliant Legacy’ ‘DongYi’)
Script: Kitagawa Eriko (‘Long vacation’ ‘Orange Days’ ‘Sunao ni narenakute’)

Jaejoong (JYJ) x Han Hyojoo costarred fantasy! On one day met a young man, who was a mysterious deliveryman who carries letters to Heaven.

(T/N: parts unrelated to Jaejoong have been omitted out.)

Source: Korepo

Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


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