[AUDIO][TRANS] 151110 E★K radio “Night’s Chu-su DAY” [Night’s Tuesday] JYJ Junsu’s comment to [CROSS GENE] Shin

Fm Yokohama E★K radio blog post Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 12.19.05 PM


JYJ’s Junsu’s comment was valuable as well. (I) believe it has become an encouragement for Shin kun who is doing activities in Japan.


It seems something amazing has come.
I am kind of nervous
Though this is written in the script, I did not know [about this].
I’m really excited.
It seems (we have) received a comment from that, JYJ’s Junsu san.
(T/N: ‘san’ is formal unisexual honorific)
yaa, (my heart’s) fluttering.
He’s my favourite senior.
And he is Yongseok’s favourite as well
and I have met him twice in reality as we (use) the same hair salon.
(Yongseok is also CROSS GENE member, and from Shin’s sentence, he means that he met Junsu at the hair salon.)
Let’s listen to it. here we go.

Listeners of FM Yokohama E K Radio Night’s Chu-su DAY [Night’s Tuesday] 
(and) CROSS GENE’s Shin kun 
(T/N: ‘Kun’ honorific used for a male who is younger than the speaker)
Hello, this is JYJ’s Junsu.

Shin kun as well, work hard on your activities in Japan.
with that, please listen to ‘OeO’ by Junsu.

Brought to you, has been Junsu’s ‘OeO’
Thank you very much for Junsu san’s comment.
It is a huge honour.
And, the song is also really good, I was shocked.
Though I am listening to all the songs delivered by Junsu san
His voice is really charming
ahhh, he really is a senior (who I) admire.
I will work hard for the next 5 years to become a vocal like Junsu san.

Blog: FM Yokohama E★K radio
Audio credit: love-xiarin
Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

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