[ACCOUNT][TRANS] 151128 2015 XIA 4th Asia tour concert in Japan Nagoya

Source and translations by xiahjunjjyu.

I may add some stuff if i suddenly remember it. but largely seems like i conveyed and translated most of the ment talks. ^^

I attended the 2015 XIA 4th ASIA TOUR CONCERT IN JAPAN Nagoya concert (Nov. 28).

Ment going according to setlist.

1 Out of Control
2 Turn it up

3. Ment 1 

Junsu said since he is in Nagoya, as usual he went to eat Hitsumabushi and it was really tasty. And said that 1 person portion is not sufficient so this time he ate 1.5 person portion.

He then mentioned that he always goes to eat hitsumabushi when he comes to nagoya and asks why fans gather and wait there. Junsu went to eat hitsumabushi in the morning of the 28th and because it was in the morning and he just lazily got up and went there with a sleepy face and that he didnt want to be seen like that, he was surprised to see fans there waiting for him.

During this talk ment, Junsu came across a fanboy in the arena and he asked him how old he was, he was 22. And asked him if the girl with him was his girlfriend, it was his younger sister. He said he came with his mother, father and sister. Then Junsu asked from whom was he introduced, became a fan and is here. He said his mom was a fan, then his sister, from sister to him and then to father. So junsu said to him so you are a fan? Or they said no you also have to go with us (i.e. he doesn’t have a choice but to go)? The fanboy fervently shaked his head from side to side and said no and that he is a fan. Junsu thanked his whole family for coming out to his concert and mentioned how there are a lot of people who attend his concerts with the whole family.

Junsu then said that he’d work hard with his Japanese, but please teach me if i’m wrong and i will learn on this stage with the help of everyone. He said he has prepared songs from all three of his albums to show the best of Junsu. And he also mentioned how it’s been a month since the Yokohama concert, so it’s been long.

4. Even though i already know
5. Rainy eyes
6. VCR

All the VCR footage prepared for the concert has child actress Lee Re, who is a fellow CJes and also attended the Junsu’s Seoul concert. The VCR showed Lee Re going through whatever Junsu has done till now, from the first album to the third.

7. Tortoise and the hare

8. Ment 2

Junsu introduced the previous song as Tortoise and the Hare in Japanese (Usagi to Kame) and then goes like hmm, ya, i’m right. Junsu said this song is regarding love, how the speed of tortoise and the hare is different, so in a couple if the speed of the two is not the same and is different, it can not work out like that. Junsu started off with how it was a bit difficult for him to express in Japanese but he still gave it his best shot. 🙂

He mentioned about bodygaurd Wonshik “Sicisici” becoming more handsome. Only thing new was when Sicisici appeared to change Junsu’s hand held mike to headset mike, fans started chanting Sicisici and Junsu said that’s right, he is Sicisici who has been incharge of my security since the last 5 years. so what? are you trying to say that I should introduce him properly? and then Junsu introduced Sicisici as the person who has recently after getting a few of his own fans, become handsome and his skin has gotten clearer(/nicer) as well, pretty much same as what i translated previously here. During the mike change, there were some problems and the mike wasn’t fixed and kept going above Junsu’s mouth, (it was hilarious XD) so for a few seconds Junsu remained quiet till the head set mike was fixed and he could continue his talk.

Junsu brought up the topic of marriage again. He said that he sees in SNS that fans say please marry when you are 77 or 80s. If possible i want to do that too but i can’t. A fan screamed “i don’t like it/want that to happen” and junsu said to her but you must have gone through many relationships. Why do you say this to me then. He said “marriage is marriage, set that aside. I also want to be loved by someone of course, but i want to meet my children that i will have (so i want to get married).” Some one said that’s possible at 77, and Junsu was like what. One fan said “if it’s Junsu it’s possible.” And Junsu said “what is possible to do?” Eukyang kyang kyang.
After Junsu said that he wanted to meet his children, some of the fans said ‘it’s okay then’ (i.e. marriage is okay). And the Junsu went like oh are you thinking like ‘ah well, can’t help it then’ ㅋㅋ

9. Midnight show
10. OeO
11. Tarantallegra (Acoustic version)

instead of No Reason, Nagoya’s setlist similar to Seoul’s I believe included Tarantallegra. This rehearsal picture is for Tarantallegra.


12. Ment 3/ GENIE TIME

Junsu started off with, “finally it is the time, I have kept you all waiting, it’s Junsu (fans: TIME).
Junsu said it is now pretty much mid way of the concert and fans screamed Nooo, elongate it (i.e. the concert) and Junsu said that he wants to himself as well but he can’t since everyones parents and children are waiting for them to come back home, ‘when is mom coming back’. And he said for security reasons i need to finish early so everyone can go back safely.
And then he repeated again, isn’t your child waiting for you at home, who over here have their children waiting for them at home, (a few fans raised their hand). Fans said their children aren’t waiting and then Junsu said “what about your father, oh i mean your husband?” and One ahjumma fan ran from her seat in the centre of the arena row towards the corridor (basically towards Junsu) and said that she doesn’t have a husband. And Junsu was like what so you mean you don’t have a husband, what about your children, and she said that her children were at home. Junsu said did you make their food and come, Junsu heard what she said and said ‘oh the children will cook their own meal’, listened to her again and said ‘oh your daughter will cook it herself’. Then Junsu said i’m sorry for bringing up this topic, and bowed.

He says how many of the people are attending for the first time, a lot of people raised their hands and said they are attending for the first time and Junsu says “oh there are a lot of first time attendees” (Yeah right. ㅋ). One woman who said she’s attending for the first time, Junsu asked her how come, and through the back and forth interaction of questions from Junsu, she was sick previously so couldn’t attend (the april concert in Nagoya), and she was here today with her daughter. She said she has been a fan since tohoshinki era, but couldn’t ever get the tickets before. Junsu said ‘you couldn’t get the tickets?’ and fans screamed ‘we can’t get the tickets’. Junsu joked and said ‘why is it so depressing, over there a woman is saying she doesn’t have a husband and over here you are saying you were sick, but you are okay now right’ and she said yes.

First person he chose for genie time, was a fanboy he recognized, Junsu, “oh you are here again? you come every time? you came to Yokohama as well right?” and thanked him and moved on but came back and said okay, what do you have, the fanboy’s board said ‘I have made a DVD’ so Junsu asked what DVD is it, and he said same as like Seoul concert. But Junsu said ‘ahhh, but’ and after listening to the staff and Wonshik as well Junsu said that today they can’t play the DVD and that he’ll receive it and upload it on insta(gram)

So the next person, he found someone holding up a big painting of Junsu himself, and held it and said oh we look alike, did you make it yourself. While talking to this fan, when she replied in Korean, Junsu said oh you are Korean. Her Japanese was lacking, Junsu couldn’t read  and understand what she had written as her genie time request (Qudoos to her that she actually wrote it in Japanese rather than Korean) and Junsu asked her what is it she’s written and while she said it in Japanese, Junsu repeated what she said, she said ‘in a romantic and sexy way wake a person up’, but the word she used for the verb ‘wake up’ was wrong and we couldn’t understand what she meant till some fan corrected with the verb for ‘wake up’ and Junsu finally understood and said ‘how am I supposed to do this’. With XIA Junsu’s signature charismatic stare he said “it’s morning, so please wake up” and laughed immediately after two out of three times (personally I just found the finishing touch of laughter absolutely adorable). 

Next he found someone who wrote ‘please sing sweet memories’ and Junsu couldn’t remember which song it was but I think he remembered cause he accepted that request and performed it after practicing on his own for a few minutes without needed any fans to help him with what the melody was.

For the last person, saw someone with a file and said he’s scared to open it. But ended up choosing that person and went through the file for a few seconds till the fans screamed ‘what is it?’,  Junsu said there is 너라는 시간이 흐른다 (Six flying Dragons OST) but he said after the recording he hasn’t sang it even once and was planning on singing it in the year end concert so he wants to leave it for them but he gave in with the fans request. And then Junsu played along and started flipping each page of the file while making faces of ‘ooo, ahh, hmm’ (I think I saw a gif in twitter somewhere). and fans again screamed ‘what is it’ and Junsu said okay i’ll sing one more (it seemed like either he wanted to sing one more or that he liked the songs in the file and wanted to sing them). He commended the fan and said there are a lot of good songs. He said there is 지나간다 (Kim Bum soo’s it will pass/Jinaganda) and 엄마 (Ra.D’s Mother/Omma) (I screamed jinaganda like crazy ㅋㅋ). He went with the majority and sang Jinaganda, in live without the MR, it was abso-freakin-lutely beautiful, no words can express it!


Junsu then said, it’s finally over. Genie time is the most stressful for him. He said ‘now that it’s over, it feels like i’m done with the concert now’ (ㅋㅋ)

Junsu said he previously started genie time because in Japan as a solo performer it was too difficult to spend time talking in Japanese as his Japanese skills are lacking so he came up with this idea to pass the talk ment time. And now genie time has become a special feature of his solo concerts and whether the concert be anywhere he has to do it cause it’s not allowed if he doesn’t do it. So he said please thank my poor Japanese skills for Genie time (lol ㅋㅋ)

15. Uncommitted
16. Silk Road

During silk road, previously Junsu used to chant
JS: “I say silk you say road. Silk (fans: road). I say 비단 you say 길. 비단. (fans: 길).”
Today he said
JS: “I say nago you say ya. NAGO (fans: YA). I say HITSU you say MABUSHI. HITSU (fans: MABUSHI)”

17. Incredible
18. Dancer time
19. In the time that I loved you (Mister Baek OST)
20. Backseat (Jazz version)

21. Ment 4

Junsu said he backbited a bit about his members in Yokohama, oh well since they are not here it’s okay. He complained that he pays 80% of the time and he is scared to see the bill. He said he doesn’t even know the name of the alcohol the other two order and he doesn’t want to know either. His Japanese expression for when Jaejoong took a leave and came back home was ‘when Jaejoong entered the country, oh no wait, when he entered the society’ (lol ㅋㅋ). He said he gets scared everytime Jaejoong says he’s coming to meet him. He says it’s not like a gathering, and not a drinking party, should i call it meeting, but shouldn’t meetings be held in the company but he said he’s still scared to meet them. He said ‘since they are not earning right now it’s okay but.’ A fan asked when he’s going to meet them next, Junsu said that he doesn’t know and ‘I don’t want to meet them, I’m scared to meet them every single time’ (aww poor Su). Then fans asked regarding phone calls, Junsu said ‘during the start Jaejoong used to call a lot, once in three days but now it seems he’s gotten used to his life there he doesn’t call often, maybe once a week.’ Junsu said he was very happy that Jaejoong used to call so often. And then he repeated and said well i will pay now since both of them aren’t working but once i go to serve for my country, everytime i get an off i’m going to call and say ‘Jaejoong, I’m coming’ and i’m going to make him pay then (since Junsu is not working).

Junsu said he intends on working hard  the rest of his life in order to be able to eat good food without being concerned about the price. He believes humans can continue to live on in order to eat good food, but of course things like love is also important but no matter how different everyone else’s views are, everyone would agree with good food.

JS: It’s now the last song.
Fans said nooo, elongate it. and Junsu said he wants to do it all night long but Nagoya’s nights are pretty dangerous so he can’t. Fans “ehh, noo it’s not dangerous”. He said he wants to keep a one night 2 days concert. we will sleep for 3 hours and then I will start performing with a sleepy face (in a ‘just woke up’ condition). Fans said lets do it now, and Junsu said now is not possible, he hasn’t talked to the company head yet. He said we will eat together,
– In Nagoya we will eat hitsumabushi,
–  Osaka Toakoyaki,
– in Tokyo he said Ramen but fans said noo (i.e. Ramen is not famous to Tokyo) so Junsu said eh then what is it (fans said manju) and Junsu agreed.
– Someone screamed Niigata so he said ‘Niigata is natto,’ and fans went ehh again, and Junsu said ‘you guys don’t know it’s natto,’ and fans said ‘noo, it’s white rice’ so Junsu said ‘ok, white rice and natto’ (fans went ehh again).

Junsu mentioned how he’s heard, compared to the rest of Japan, people in Nagoya like Natto the least. And all the fans went noooo. Junsu said ‘this may differ from person to person, but overall, generally the statistics say the Nagoya has the least amount of natto sales.’ Fans strongly disagreed and Junsu said ‘everyone, everyone, I repeat that this may differ from person to person.’ He ended it with saying please go search it up when you go back home today.

– Next was Hokkaido and Junsu said ‘lamb Shabu Shabu.’
– Junsu said ‘Hiroshima is Tsukemen’ (fans: ehhh nooo), Junsu ‘you don’t know? oh so you don’t know, Hiroshima is teppan cuisine and tsukemen, they have tsukemen with spicy level from 1 to 10’ and then after he said ‘tsukemen, boku ikemen (I am handsome)’ [common joke in Japan, Jaejoong used to say this a lot, ‘Ramen, tsukemen, boku ikemen’]
– ‘in Fukuoka, mizutaki, hakata Ramen’

From all this talk Junsu said that Japan’s food is super delicious and that previously he used to go moving around Japan (doing a tour) and stop bu every place and eat the food there. He remembered the time he went from Nagoya to Hiroshima, and 5-6 hours bus ride. He said the stopped in the middle and went to an onsen, he says he has many memories from that time and he misses doing that, since now he doesn’t roam Japan so much like before. (fan screamed ‘so please do that’) and Junsu said that he wants to do that in the future.

Junsu said it rains during 80% of his concerts but today the weather is really good, yesterday was a bit bad though. He said, even though it rains, he safely finishes each concert that since it didn’t rain today he was actually worried more but with everyone’s energy and power the concert has gone well. Then someone mentioned that for Jaejoong also it rains and Junsu said oh so JYJ is rain men (ame otoko, common term used for men who attract rain, though imo Jaejoong is super ame otoko). Then Junsu said why is that so? and a fan screamed because you are cool (T/N: I’ve always felt the translation for ‘kakkoii’ is a bit adept, it means the same as the korean word 멋있어요, but yeah cool i guess). Junsu said, ‘what connection does us being cool have to do with rain?’ (ㅋㅋ)

22. Yesterday

Encore Stage
23. FLP

24. Ment 5 

Beyonce talk:
Junsu was wiping his sweat with a towel and fans went ‘give it to us please’, Junsu said ‘no it’s dirty, i don’t understand why you want it.’ The he said how in the concerts in Seoul fans ask for the towel off which he wiped his sweat and he never understood why, till one day when after a long time he went to someone else’s concert, i.e. Beyonce’s. And when Beyonce was wiping her sweat with a towel Junsu found himself extending his hands for it as well. He said, ‘at the that time I thought, oh so it’s this kind of feeling.’

Junsu, I think, bumped into one of the small ball lights, which lined the borders of the elongating forward stage, and the ball light came off it’s position so he went down and was doing something we couldn’t see or understand, so then he says “oh i broke the set, that’s not right so i’m putting it back in it’s place now.” He spent a few seconds fixing it back there.

He said during this time he really wants to do what he usually does but this time he didn’t do it yet, that is to check the ages of the people attending (he usually does this just before starting genie time).

He said please only people in the teens, till 19 make some noise, then he moved to twenties and then to thirties. He said the people in the front were making very strong faces of distaste during the teens, which got better as we moved to twenties and then to thirties. During the thirties, he said In Korean i am 30 years old but in Japan i am 29, so which one do you guys want to choose, (someone screamed 30, same age as me). He said please only people in their 30s scream, no forties, as the amount of hardship (kunan) and adversity (gyakyou) they have went through is different [Junsu once in a Japanese variety show during thsk time, when asked what are the difficult Japanese vocabulary that you know are, he answered 苦難 (Kunan) and 逆境 (gyakyou)]. He said ‘jaejoong always says men begin from their thirties, so a new chapter starts, now that i am 30, I am a man, males in their twenties are like children,’ he went back to the fanboy who came with his family and said to him, ‘you are 22 right? (he said: yes), ahh, you are still a child then’ (eukyangkyang). For the fifties he said, should we do fifty and above or only fifties, it was decided with only fifties. For sixties and above Junsu said we need to worry about the blood pressure so it’s okay not to scream just calmly say junsuu and it is okay too. He ended it with hearing the chants of male fans (quite a lot of fanboys come to Junsu’s concert). 

25. Flower
26. Taxi

i missed Taxi and the ment before that, I will search for a fancam for that 😭

I think i wrote all that I can think of properly. Forgive me for grammatical errors it is a long post. All in all the concert was great! Junsu seemed super happy and playful, smiling so brightly. The songs heard live are like thousands times better than studio version in my opinion that is 😅. Junsu talked soo much, way more than the last solo xia concert I attended. And no matter how much he downplays it, I thought his Japanese was great, the mistakes he made, only made it even more cuter and funnier to hear him say. Genie time is always an absolute treat, it clearly shows Junsu as a normal common person, rehearsing and practicing on stage, always interacting with his fans, being the curious Junsu asking questions here and there.

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