[FANCAM][TRANS] 151128 2015 XIA 4th Asia Tour Concert in Japan Nagoya (Day 1)

Voice of the fans in their fifties


Should we just do for only fifties?
Is that okay?

If that is the case, then it it is o okay to not put in so much effort. 
(Junsu stuttered while saying this)

Really, that, um 
(Fan in fifties: I am Healthy!)
adult like.
Oh, I apologise(/excuse me), you are healthy. (bows)  

ah, sca-scary
I am HEALTHY! (gritting his teeth)

I know, I know. Excuse me/I’m sorry

Though I know that, that, just something of the (people in their) fifties, something like, um

(fan screamed something)
right right right.
Ah~ Thank you very much

Their tolerance, um, something,
adult, what should I say.. 
something like that..

You understood?
(xiahjunjjyu: no ?^?)

With such a voice
Like, it’s okay if it’s not Junsu 
(N: meaning no need to scream it out)

Junsu (N: in a flat tone)
Oh Junsu.

you came (back) again.
something like that.

ready, and.
fans: Junsuuuu,
(T/N: pretty loud. there are many Japanese fans in the older age bracket attending JYJ concerts)  

Thank you very much.

*to be updated if i come across any ment fancams*

Video credit: withxiahcom +
Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

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