[INFO] 151230 JYJ First Japanese Single “Wake Me Tonight” ranks No. 4 on Yamano Music 2015 year end charts


[Yamano Music Compiled Ranking for Year 2015 Announcement]

There is a few days left to this year right

Therefore today we announce Yamano Music’s compiled #ranking for the year 2015! 

Songs that hyped big in the year 2015 are ranked 

Please check for sure! 


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[NEWS] 151229 Trot Singer Park Gyuri is proud of co MCing with Jaejoong (JYJ) 

Trot singer Park Gyuri (36) costarred as MC with ‘JYJ’ Kim Jaejoong (29) at the “Year end beacon fire concert together with Yongin city”.

Park Gyuri bore the role of the facillitator together with Jaejoong (JYJ) at “Year end Bonfa concert together with Yongin city,” which was held at Yongin city’s Literary arts hall on the past 23rd 6:30 p.m.

Park Gyuri said, “due to the year end, i have a busy schedule but as a member of the army’s public relations, if it is possible to do activities with the army, i want to do it together at any given time.”

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[INFO] 151228 Notice regarding pirated sales of JYJ DVD Ichigo Ichie 一期一会


To those who have uploaded our company’s DVD videos on YouYobe (T/N: I think they meant YouTube) or blog etc. without permission, and to those distributing the pirated edition for sales on stores or the internet, our company’s lawyer is in order conducting allegations of copyright infringement and infringement of rights of sales distribution. JYJ DVD ichigo ichie 一期一会

Our company’s DVD is generally sold with it’s use limited to personal viewing at home, related to the DVD or the attached works, regardless of whether for profit or for free without the consent of the copyright holder or sales distributor, use for all other purposes (T/N: i.e. other than for personal viewing) is strictly prohibited. We request for everyone’s understanding. JYJ DVD ichigo ichie 一期一会

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[TRANS] No Minwoo mentions Jaejoong in KNTV’s All about K

In KNTV’s programme All about K, Actor No Minwoo was interviewed and he mentioned the reason behind his friendship with Jang Geunsuk.


Q. What lead to you being close with Jang Geunsuk?

Minwoo: Originally Jaejoong and I were close but at the time Jaejoong was going to the military, “I will introduce you to a friend since you’ll be lonely after I go to the military. Wait a bit,” he said and Geun chan came, we started meeting since then. (T/N: Jang geunsuk is called geun chan in Japan) 

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[NEWS] 151222 With the special splendour of Booklet fully loaded with Park Yoochun’s CUTE expressions to making videos! First public unfolding image of “The Girl Who Sees Smells” DVD & Blu-ray SET1

r (2)

Park Yoochun (JYJ), who displayed his new charms in works such as ‘Missing you’, ‘Three Days ~Love and Justice~’ ‘Sea Fog’ etc. (and) is now mesmerizing the world besides the Asian countries. His last starred drama before enlisting in the military, ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’ is approaching it’s release on 2nd February next year.

This time the first public image of next year 2nd February release, splendour special included SET1 was unfolded. In SET1, of course the making videos are included full of Park Yoochun’s natural face (and) a collection of clips kept as a secret at the shooting location are recorded as a special video. In the first limited disc, other than to compare to the 12 page booklet, original mini clear file, and an application postcard for present campaign to get “SPECIAL THANKS DVD”, in which can only be seen here carefully selected behind the scenes is recorded, is additionally enclosed. Added with the splendour special indispensable to the fans, “The Girl Who Sees Smells” DVD & Blu-ray is currently under reservation requests with high praise.

In this work where the miraculous re-tag of Park Yoochun and script writer of ‘Rooftop Prince’ Lee Hee-myung is implemented, police officer Mugak (Park Yoochun), who became impervious to senses in an incident and loosing her memory from the shock of her parents being killed, became able to see smells, aspiring comedian super sensing girl Chorim (Shin Sekyung), their cute with 100% purity developing romance. ‘Old Boy’ Yoon Jinseo for the role of Mugak’s boss , ‘Want to hug you~ Need for Romance’ Nam Goongmin as the story’s key man appearing etc., capable actors are assembled in full force. A love comedy of the highest grade with Yoochun’s comical acting, which gathered high popularity when broadcasted in Korea,is finally appearing as DVD & Blu-ray.

r (3)

“The Girl Who Sees Smells”
2nd February (Tues) Release ※ Rental DVD Vol. 1~6 to be released at the same time
Blu-ray SET1/DVD SET1 [with Trial Blu-ray (Ep 1~Ep 3)]
2nd March (Wed) Release ※ Rental DVD Vol. 7~13 to be released at the same time
Blu-ray SET1/DVD SET1 [with Trial Blu-ray (Ep 9~Ep 11)]
Price: Blu-ray ¥18,000 + tax each/ DVD ¥15,200 + tax each
Sales agency: NBC Universal Entertainment
Official site: http://kandera.jp/sp/nioiwomiru/


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[TRANS] 週刊女性 (Woman’s Weekly/Shukan Josei) feature on JYJ’s ‘Last Dome Tour before Enlistment’

JYJ Jaejoong, “that time (we) were happy right and, [it became] a good memory”Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 10.38.50 AM


JYJ’s Memorable Christmas Present
The last dome tour before military enlistment
opening to public careful selection cut


Currently enlisted, Jaejoong and Yoochun. And with Junsu, the last performance of『2014 JYJ JAPAN DOME TOUR~一期一会~』Tokyo dome, where the three gathered on stage for the last time before their military enlistment, to get picturized.

Junsu, “it’s been a long time right. I wanted to meet everyone. To that extent, I will go full power till the end. Lets get hyped up/excited!!”

Jaejoong, “I believe it would be good if right now’s passionate cheering continues all the way till the end of today’s live.”

Yoochun, “everyone, is your preparation to have fun OK? (loud shout) Thank you.”
(T/N: Yoochun says, in Japanese romanization; ‘Tanoshimu (to have fun) Junbi wa(preparation is) OK?’)

Junsu, who is preparing for his end of year Musical concert in South Korea, which has become a custom. Jaejoong, who just announced his hologram concert, which he prepared before enlisting, to be held on next year 9th and 10th February at Yoyogi National first Gymnasium.

Yoochun, the DVD of his last starred drama before enlistment, ‘The Girl Who Sees Smell’ to be released next year February and March, daily, news of the members is received however, as JYJ, to stand on the same stage again, will be after several years. In the valuable DVD, where the three gathered, the digest of Fukuoka and Osaka concert, practice scene in Korea and Japan or rehearsal appearance is also recorded.

And, the approximately 200 page of special collection of gorgeous pictures as well through which, the memorable tour can be looked back as well.

Stage which mobilized 24,000 people, including Japanese song ‘Wake Me Tonight’ after 5 years, contents in which, their charms from the dance number till the ballads can be enjoyed more than enough. Of course, the talk in Japanese is exquisite as well, laughter was erupted many times in the exchanges of the three.

Junsu, “this talk maybe early but, if we do (Tokyo dome concert) again, you will come again right? At that time, while promising each other, I really wanted to say to everyone that ‘I am thankful'”

Jaejoong, “in the time when I first greeted, though I said, ‘wouldn’t it be nice if this passion/excitement continues till the end,’ it’s hot right. Everyone is sweating a lot as well? sweating? are you sweating? you are sweating right? you are sweating (laughter). I believe it was a really good live/concert. Thanks to everyone.”

Yoochun, “I received a lot of emotions. I received loads of energy. I believe because of everyone, we can exist. Thank you very much for cheering passionately today as well.

Tears came to the eyes of the three who talked with such smiles on their face when Jaejoong began talking after finishing singing for the encore song.

Jaejoong, “Umm (filled with tears, parts with the mike). Excuse me.”

Yoochun, “Don’t cry.”

Jaejoong, “this live as well, the passing time from now, I was happy at that time and I believe it will become a good memory. Only the heart (T/N: emotions) that I am thinking of right now is, I promise that we will be JYJ, forever never changing and doing our best to work hard.”

Junsu, “lets meet again.”

With the wonderful christmas present from the three, is put to review in order for the time when you talk about the memories.

『ICHIGO ICHIE 2014 JYJ JAPAN DOME TOUR』4 DVDs, photo collection (approximately 200 pages), post card, Ichigo Ichie pendant, ¥11,980 +tax. For details, go to official site https://www.2014-jyj-ichigo-ichie.com/

(T/N: The trans is that of the excerpt from the source which is 99% same as the scans, a few sentences extra in the scans were translated as well.)

Source: 週刊女性PRIME
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[NEWS] 151220 BTOB Sungjae, emotionally sings JYJ Junsu’s ‘Yesterday’ at Concert… “100 times impressed”

r (1)

BTOB’s Sungjae emotionally sang JYJ Junsu’s (XIA) “꼭 어제(Yesterday)”.

BTOB, on the 19th afternoon, held their solo concert “BORN TO BEAT TIME” and met their fans at Jangchung Gymnasium in Jangchung-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul.  Each member prepared for a solo and unit stage however, Sungjae sang ‘꼭 어제(Yesterday)’ for his solo stage.

The audience held their breath and listened to Sungjae’s touching stage. Sungjae’s emotional singing, filled with his sincerity towards the fans, gave it a deeply emotional impression.

Recently before this, the footage of Sungjae’s cover of the same song was played. In the video, Sungjae said, “I chose Junsu sunbae’s (senior) ‘꼭 어제(Yesterday)’, who I have really respected since I was very young.”

(T/N: parts unrelated to Junsu were omitted.)


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[INSTAGRAM] 151217 Junsu Instagram Update

[PHOTO] みなさん~こんにちは。


Everyone~ Hello.
Please participate in XIA and designer Lee Joo young’s collaboration project
Thank you very much!
I am happy that so many people have participated in this donation project.

(T/N: to type project in Japanese, you would have to type in ” pu ro je ku to”. In the last sentence, Junsu typed “pu ro je L ku to”, I think some where along the line the ‘L’ alphabet got typed in by mistake)


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