[FANCAM][TRANS] 151129 2015 XIA 4th Asia Tour in Japan, Nagoya (Day 2)

Want to convey Junsu’s sincerity to the fans 


Translator’s note: Junsu is not fluent in Japanese, but he still tries his best to try to convey his feelings to the Japanese fans. I am going to translate word for word what he said. If i feel it is too vague to understand, below that i’ll write, in my own words, what his disjointed words are aiming at. 

I really have a lot of various memories. and amongst those memories, everyone is always
well, like a-nation, all of them
At anywhere, everyone was there together (with me), right.
That is, even till now.
At that time, or right now.  (You) were together with me.
I am really grateful (for that) and.
I was able to come so far, because everyone was there at that time and.

That was, all along, as usual

Don’t I say this every single time,
Till when will everyone’s heart go on?
(T/N: this is what he literally said, he meant to say till when will everyone’s love and support for him continue)
(Fans: giggle)
so much,
and I honestly don’t believe it will go on for so much, (go on) forever
(Fans: ehhhhhhhh)

Of Course
Of course, it would be good if it became such a relationship.
But right now with those feelings (T/N: feelings that it won’t continue forever),
I’ve overtook, an year, an year, an year and that has now (been) 6 years.
That is why I don’t want to believe in that even more so.
That is reversely, the feelings of wanting it to continue on forever,
because it gradually becomes bigger.
Therefore, If I believe in that.
Some day, If that disappears
that is, that is,
I thought that regarding the feelings, (I would) become lonely
so reversely, I didn’t believe in it.
and all along did a mind control so as not to believe in that.
Well, even if that disappears, it is not lonely
To tell you the reason why,
till now, even right now the people who have come here,
if, in the past, ah later,
ah the next time, (even if they) are not able to come,
That is without a question, how do I say,
I am thinking that to me it is a miracle that they even came till now.
Though i keep saying this every time
For 6 years. Though I am releasing albums in Korea for 6 years, probably I am the only artist who hasn’t even once shown his songs or performance on a show.
Despite this, in Korea, in Japan as well, in China as well, like this, people always come, I think is a miracle.
(audience applause)
That’s why, it’s not that I don’t have the confidence.
If everyone do not appear the next time,
more than having bad feelings regarding that, reversely to those who came till now, I want to say I am thankful (to them).
Do you understand such feelings?
It is a bit difficult to express it in Japanese.
(audience applause)
Therefore, without giving up, continuously
if everyone comes, that is even if the numbers decline, even in a hall or amongst 100 people,
I will always seriously sing from my heart.
(audience applause)

What kind of artist I will become, I as well (have thought of it) many times, even now.
Recently, that is, reversely
In the past, I aimed at how am I going to be at the top.
Right now, I am thinking how will I come down.
(fans: eeeeh, Junsu laughs)
No, but really really
It’s not that I mean that i want to come down right now.
But it is that, regarding popularity and what do i say,
ah, even if I am not able to do this kind of stage,
in a small hall, even if it becomes smaller
if there are people who (want to) come to listen to my voice, my music and if they come,
really, I will always stand on the stage
At that time, I think maybe I can return (the favour), of my feelings of gratitude right now.
Right now, probably no matter how many times i say thank you, I will not be able to reciprocate. I think i will definitely loose to the feelings everyone has given to me.
At that time, for sure I will return (this favour) (T/N: the fans love and support)

even if i become old and am not able to do such intense dances.
The thing that is most important, what i think is important, is the form of seriously singing from my heart.
I have confidence that I will perfectly, always, show (T/N: referring to the form mentioned above) till the time I am standing on stage,
I will become such an artist.
(audience applause)

T/N: such deep thoughts, Junsu did his absolute best to sincerely express his thoughts in Japanese. I hope my translation did proper justice to what he wanted to express ><

Video credit: withxiahcom
Translations by: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


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