[INFO] 160108 KIM JAE JOONG Memories of 100 Days photobook on sale

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Hello. This is JYJ Japan Official Website
Present that Jaejoong prepared for the fans before enlisting..
Jaejoong shot it himself and recorded selca photos and videos.

Photos taken by manager An jjang etc., it is a work packed with Jaejoong’s charms which normally can’t be seen ☆
Limited to 15,000 sets!! Not to be overlooked!!

For details, please check with the site below ^^






PHOTO BOOK 3 books + DVD 1 + Poster, Photo card, Book Marker


Limited number
15,000 sets

¥5940 (Tax included)


Photobook made of the selca photos and videos Jaejoong himself took!! 

Currently in enlistment Kim Jaejoong prepared the photobook, before enlistment, filled with his heart/feeling for the fans. To show a new charm, Jaejoong directly planned this himself!

First off is selca photos, and taken by manager An jjang, photos and videos of Jaejoong’s natural real form can be seen.

Jaejoong who cherishes fans more than anyone else…

Through the photobook, please feel that kind of Jaejoong’s love towards everyone of the fans ^^

Photobook 3 books + DVD 1, added splendour special,
can get a hold of such a valuable package only here!
15,000 sets limited sale!!

Please certainly request purchase it^^



1. Poster
Big size 1/small size 1
Original poster!!

2. Photo card 10
Made photo cards out of pictures directly taken by Jaejoong.
※ Random 10 out of 20 different kinds.
※ All 10 photos will be different from each other.

3. Book Marker 1 
Insert the book marker
and be with Jaejoong always!
※ Randomly choosen 1 out of 4 different kinds.



Source: jyjjapan.com + old88nara88
Note: I couldn’t access the website, thus i’ve taken and translated the info through the pictures provided by the blog. The pictures are credited to the blog link above.
Video Credit: lovemickysmile6
Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


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