[NEWS] 160112 JYJ Junsu, is amused that he himself laughs? Comical photo with a wig on revealed!

JYJ’s Kim Junsu revealed a self shot of his appearance with a red wig on and, displayed a happy figure.

Junsu on the afternoon of the 11th, through his personal instagram, with a short comment, “more excited! this feeling of satisfaction,” posted a collage including several photos. The released photo includes, Junsu with a red wig on, holding a candy, and a form which roars with laughter while holding the camera.


Especially, Junsu who attracts notice with the comical form of the lipstick jutting out from the lips, with his mouth open wide and, his eyes opened widely, revealed a state of rolling laughter to the extent that the camera [/picture] may blur, making the people watching enjoy.

The net users who saw the released picture responded as ‘Junsu cute!’ ‘Junsu’s smile is the best’ ‘love the playful junsu’ ‘I feel better! thank you for the photo’ ‘Jun chan looks like a kid, cute’ etc.

Junsu is set to star in the musical “Dracula” staged in the large theatre, Sejong Culture and Arts Center, from the 23rd to the 9th of February.


Source: KpopStarz Japan
Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


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