[INFO] 160113 DATV’s Premium show/Interview of actors from ‘She was Pretty’


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1/31 (Sun) Broadcast at 10:30 p.m. ! >>
【’She Was Pretty’ actors interview】
Exclusive interview to #ParkSeojoon, #SUPERJUNIOR Siwon, #ParkYuhwan  ★
http://goo.gl/XKV8vn #DATV


Premium show/Interview of actors from ‘She was Pretty’


Exclusive interview of the actors from the drama ‘She Was Pretty’ !

Broadcast day: 31st January (Sun) 22:00~
Repeated Broadcast day: 1st Feb (Mon) 15:30~ / 4th Feb (Thurs) 23:15~

Introduction of the ‘She Was Pretty’ actors interview

Contrary to his cool appearance, which he only shows to the one he loves, this kindness that leaves an impression, Park Seo joon!
Harbouring interest in Hye jin (Hwang Jung eum), his comical acting is charming, Super Junior Choi Siwon!
His melting smile is cute, editing team’s mascot-like presence, Park Yuhwan!

Drama ‘She Was Pretty’ behind the scenes, NG scene, Advice from Yoochun etc.,
Carefully taking turns, will delve into the interview of the three.

Other than that fully loaded with couldn’t be heard (before) episodes♪

A fans must seen programme!

Source: @DATVjp + DATV Japan official website
Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER



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