[OTHER TWITTER] 160126 Tower Record Nagoya Parco sends a message for #HappyJaeJoongDay

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It is【 #HappyJaeJoongDay 】, Slidingー🐘💨 Jaejoong san congratulationsssss on becoming 30 years old (lets keep it to that ok! in Japan that is!) 🎉∑川ДΦ川 And such a surprise present is foul’s play 😭 pop song which makes (us) cry, the one from that of the pattern of famous music 😭



2nd Full Album “NO.X” currently taking reservations 

Though it’s a bright pop song, why is it that (I) start to cry. This kind of song is 99% famous songs, the one in charge of holding this so called pet theory thought of it after listening to “YOU KNOW WHAT?” 

“NO.X” Success. Jaejoong Success.

In Stock Middle of February

川φω川 [Speech bubble] For just a bit more. It ❤️ is in ❤️ our ❤️ care❤️



30 years old in Japan!! (Man is from his 30s -´•∀ •`)
31 years old in South Korea!! his birthday.
Jaejoong san, who felt really, reaaallyy lonely to point of being worried
before the around 2 years (when he) wouldn’t be able to meet the fans. However, the “ability to be loved by people” that you hold, be it age,
be it circumstances, be it gender, overcoming
them a-ll, it can be seen like shining. To that,
even like this being separated still more, he gives us a
present right. We over here don’t have time
to feel lonely as well (laugh). Jaejoong’s “love” has been received- !!

Source: @TOWER_NagoyaPrc
Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


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