[TRANS] 160128 LU:KUS praises Jaejoong’s self composed Japanese song ‘Wasurenaide’, “the lyrics and melody is really beautiful”

(Note: I translated this article keeping in mind that it was regarding Jaejoong’s music composition and because I personally love this song and it’s lyrics.)

[NEWS] LU:KUS, ” ‘Wasurenaide (Tohoshinki’s song)” the lyrics and melody is really beautiful”

LU:KUS performed Live at K-StageO! on the 26th and talked about the beauty of the lyrics of Tohoshinki’s song “Wasurenaide.”

LU:KUS is a 5 membered male idol group, who debuted in Korea in July 2014. And is planned for their major debut on 17th Feb with Universal Music Joint Company with “Break Ya”.

At the Live on the 26th, (sang) cover of 3 of Tohoshinki’s songs and presented infront of the fans. Amongst which one song was “忘れないで/Wasurenaide (Don’t Forget Me)”, after (they) finished singing which, the members conveyed their impressions and the (degree of) difficulties of the song. “At first I didn’t understand the meaning of the lyrics saying, ‘aenakute mo ii, aitai, kono kimochi dake de ii kara’ (Trans: even if I can’t meet you, I want to meet you, just with this feelings, it’s enough).  I thought that if you want to meet, then just go meet (T/N: i.e. that person). But, reading the lyrics several times, reading the Korean [translated] lyrics as well,I understood that it’s about being in a situation where he can’t meet even if he wants to meet, and it became sad.” (Hae won/J.ONE)

“The lyrics, ‘Kaze ni natte Sotto tsutsumitai, kimi ga iru sekai ni sugu tondeyukitai (Trans: become the wind and want to be gently wrapped up (in it), To the world in which you are, I want to fly there at once)’ is really beautiful… and it becomes really beautiful words in Korean as well (T/N: when translated that is).” (Choi [Seok hoon]) They each conveyed their impressions [of the song].

Other members as well unanimously conveyed their impressions as, “the lyrics is beautiful” “Melody is pretty”.

Additionally, Choi [Seok hoon] talked about the difficulty of Japanese, “It was difficult to say ‘Yukitai’ rather than ‘Ikitai’. But the lyrics are beautiful and it became a learning of Japanese.”
(T/N: the kanji 行く was originally read and said as ‘yuku’, but later on it transcended to ‘iku’. ‘yuku’ and ‘iku’ mean the same thing. Now the pronunciation ‘iku’ is generally used rather than ‘yuku’. That is why Choi said it was difficult cause he must have been taught that phrase as the most commonly pronounced ikitai. In the lyrics of Wasurenaide, I believe yukitai was used rather than ikitai because of the flow of the melody, yukitai flows more in tune than ikitai.)

“忘れないで/Wasurenaide (Don’t Forget Me)” is a song composed and written by JYJ Jaejoong during tohoshinki’s time, like the members of LU:KUS conveyed the beauty of it’s lyrics and melody, and the harmony of the five, it is a song which makes an impression in the heart. At the very moment, on 26th that LU:KUS performed was Jaejoong’s birthday.

Source: KpopStarz 日本語版
Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


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