[TWEET COMPILATION + TRANS] 160209 2016 KIM JAEJOONG Hologram real live Concert in Japan (Day 1)

Note: I ask you to refrain from making any comments regarding any of these JP fan’s thoughts or opinions. I suffer from such comments at times and makes the purpose of my hard work on translating rather bitter sweet..


Trans: Today’s stage🌠


Trans: Narration is in Japanese!

Trans: Jaejoong entered! it’s really like Jaejoong is there on stage❤

一曲目 JAG
Trans: First song JAG [Just Another Girl]

Trans: Jaejoong, [speaking in] Japanese!!!

Trans: Jaejoong (said) the new album is out right, uh not yet (laughs)

Trans: It’s Ku go ara! (You know what)

Trans: Jaejoong, is playing the piano🎹


Trans: The venue, which greatly hypes up with just only Jaejoong’s eyes being projected.

Trans: Because it is life sized, it is small, but it is Jaejoongーtears

Trans: It is really like he is there right ーT^T

Trans: But, binoculars are needed everyone w
(T/N: w is Japanese slang to denote laughing)

Trans: When Jaejoong said that the song sung just now in succession just now is the [new] song released, from (my) surrounding Jaejoong fan calmly retorted, “it’s not ou-tt” w

Trans: It’s Yuhwanー
Trans: Yuhwan kun, is better at drawing than his elder brother w ← Jaejoong’s portrait
Trans: Gummy entered as well
Trans: unn, Gummy, her drawing is a bit-
ジュンちゃん登場ー!彫刻のように美しくてでも骨格は男らしいですと。 ジュンちゃんの、絵心はご存知の通りw自分でも絵が下手だと言ってますw
Trans: Jun chan enteredー![he said] (T/N: about Jaejoong) Beautiful like a sculpture but (with a) manly build. Jun chan’s artistic taste is as you know w He’s saying, Even i am poor at drawing w
Trans: The drawings by the fans is really goodー
(T/N: Yuhwan, Gummy and Junsu appeared on the VTR)
Trans: Jaejoong who voices out, “Everyone is not tired?” “I sang 12 songs” huh? already?
Trans: “Still have energy remaining? everyone.” everyone in the hall (saying) yeah❣
Trans: “I will sing a fun song ok. next song is.. what was it?” said Jaejoong and vanished w
Trans: It seems the people of the band are not hologram (laughs)
派手なジャケットで登場したジェジュン。「みなさん、楽しんでますか?」 「楽しんできましたが、やっと‥じゃなくて、残念ですが‥。」言い直すwやっと撮り終わる的な?(笑)
Trans: Jaejoong who entered (wearing) a fancy jacket. “Everyone, are you enjoying?” “we were (able to) enjoy but, finally.. ah not that, it’s regretful but…” correcting himself w maybe (he meant) finally finish filming? (laugh)
Trans: Piano play makes you go fu-uu rightー
Trans: This song, (T/N: one kiss)  putting out his voice different than till now, Jaejoong’s way of singing. Really nice.
Trans: We will sing Happy Birthday is Korean.
ジェジュンだ( ;∀;)本物?本物じゃないよね?ホログラムすげぇ
Trans: It’s Jaejoong ( ;∀;) Real thing? it’s not real right? Hologram amazing
ジェジュンがグランドピアノ弾きながら歌ってるよぉ( ;∀;)
Trans: Jaejoong is singing while playing the grand piano( ;∀;)
[via JYJ FB]
Trans: Glamorous skyヽ(;▽;)ノ Read leather shirt ヽ(;▽;)ノ same as the picture of the blanket?
Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 11.08.42 PM
Trans: The Jaejoong here is not real so w no matter how much he sings or dances he won’t tire ww
Trans: Certainly the band is real!
Trans: Jaejoong’s band members are all Japanese musicians ヽ(;▽;)ノ
Trans: With the live performance by the band [singing] Saengil song🎵 Surprise for Jaejoong 💝
Trans: There is hologram of a band as well (*^^*)
ジェジュン日本語うまいヽ(;▽;)ノ 今度のアルバムは今までとちょっと違った感じ。どうでしたか?→まだ聞いてないから(^-^)/
Trans: Jaejoong’s Japanese is really goodヽ(;▽;)ノ This time’s album is a bit different than the previous till now. how was it?→ we haven’t heard it yet so (^-^)/
Trans: Next, I will do a song which is more calm that the previous one. Though the lyrics is in Korean, it is a song that will make you feel that it is love.
ホログラムだから瞬間早着替えヽ(;▽;)ノ 前髪おろしてて可愛い💕
Trans: Because it is hologram, change of clothes is fast as a momentヽ(;▽;)ノ front hair is lowered, cute💕
Trans: This time’s, i think it feels like totally different to the previous albums i put out but everyone what do you think about it? ←Jaejoong who paused after asking the question (laugh)
これが愛だ!って感覚でわかる曲です。韓国語でもね byジェジュン
Trans: This is love! it is a song in which this feeling will be understood. Even though it’s in Korean, by Jaejoong
Trans: Smoke is hologram as well w
Trans: He is singing while making a really nice face ーTT
ジェジュンの顔は漫画の主人公のような非現実的な顔 byユファン ポッポしたくなる唇〜って言いながら似顔絵描いたよ!
Trans: Jaejoong’s face like the main character of a manga (T/N: comic) is unrealistic face, by Yuhwan. his lips make you want to kiss~ while saying that he drew the portrait!

ジェジュンの顔は彫刻みたい。暗いところで目を開けると目しか見えない!byジュンス 似顔絵に目が一個しかない爆
Trans: Jaejoong’s face is like a sculpture. In a dark place if he opens his eyes, you can only see his eyes! by Junsu. In the portrait there is only one eye LOL

Trans: Good morning night!

Trans: Today hyped up the most!

Trans: Jaejoong even with hologram is raising his hand at the wrong part www.

みんな疲れてる?疲れてるじゃーん!ボクはホンモノじゃないからね。じぇんじぇん疲れない!爆 byジェジュン
Trans: Everyone are you tired? you are tired! I am not real so right. Not tired AT ALL! LOL by Jaejoong

これからみんなでいっぱい声出していっぱい踊りたい!byジェジュン ←でも今日立っちゃいけないんですがw
Trans: I want to voice out more with everyone, want to dance more! by Jaejoong ←But today we are not allowed to stand w
(T/N: one of the rules posted by the hologram concert organising staff)

右手でマイク突き上げ左手は股間w お得意のポーズ!爆
Trans: Pushing up the mike with the right hand, left hand on the hip w his speciality pose! LOL

東京のみんなぁ!元気ですかぁ?ボクもまぁいろいろがんばってるんですよw byジェジュン
Trans: Everyone of Tokyo! How are you? I too, well, am working hard on various (things) w by Jaejoong

Trans: Let’s get more and more hyped up with this last one song! by Jaejoong

Trans: Mine!
Trans: (T/N: during One kiss) this time the smoke is real. LOL
Trans: Hologram Jaejoong disappeared in a flash..

Source: @Rinmaze + @gototheseaside + @richun64 + @oksumish + @shachong
Tweet compiled and translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


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