[TRANS] 150220 Direct Interview with Producer of JYJ Jaejoong’s Latest Album


Direct hit with Music Producer Duo “Ye-Yo!” !

JYJ Jaejoong’s latest solo album “NO.X” released on 12th February, is out of stock in Korea’s CD shop 2 days after release, on the day of the release in iTunes Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore etc., in a total of 7 countries, acquired the 1st place in combined chart and is currently a heated topic.
This time, KLG (T/N: Korea Love Girls; the web magazine site where this interview is originally posted) succeeded in interviewing Korea’s music producer duo  “Ye-Yo!” who worked on the lead track “Love you more”. We were able to hear the episode that the production [of the song] occurred just before [Jaejoong’s] military enlistment.

–Reaction of “NO.X” is amazing right.

Ye-Yo! (below: Y): “We are happy that it is that way. I with Taewan composed and arranged ‘Love you more’.”

–Please tell the story that led to your participation in it’s produce. 

Y: “We have composed popular songs and other more music with Taewan since before, who we co produced (T/N: love you more) with. Amongst them, Jaejoong’s associated agency C-Jes Entertainment contacted us, that they wanted a demo from Taewan and us, and we composed ‘Love you more’. 3 years since the song was completed, 2 years since the song’s recording was decided, had passed so we also did not know that it would become the title song till just before the release. We are very grateful to Jaejoong.

— When did the recording take place? 

Y: “It was in January 2015. Because he is really good at singing, the recording was finished in one day. Working with Jaejoong was also enjoyable but working with the musicians was very fun.”

— Please tell us your impression of Jaejoong.

Y: “He is a bright person. Since he is person who has been doing singing activities for a long time, even if we do not give any instructions, he understanding the points of the song, sang it. During recording it was about the same as not having a need to give advice. I heard it later though that since the moment Jaejoong accepted the demo, he took a liking to ‘Love you more’, it seems he kept on practicing while listening to it.”

— Enlisted on 31st March. It seems he was working on the album till the last minute?

Y: “It is like that. I heard from the production company just before the album release that he shot the music video of ‘Love you more’, 10 days before enlisting.”

Hologram concert, “2016 Kim Jae Joong 2nd Album Hologram real live Concert in Japan” was held just before the album release, on this month’s 9th and 10th at Tokyo, Yoyogi National Gymnasium.  ‘It was like he was really there’ such happy voices of fans who came to the venue appeared one after the other. Jaejoong, who continues to think about his fans even when enlisted, his feelings were conveyed.

“Love you more” MV


South Korea’s popular music producer duo composed of OK and Jinho. Hiphop, ballad, dance, classic etc., cover a broad field. Representative song is Hyorin’s (SISTAR) ‘Massage’, Niel’s (TEENTOP) ‘Call me’, B.A.P’s ‘Take you there’ etc. Other than these, sponsored many singer’s music and are gathering attention as an up and coming producer who create new syndrome.
Ye-Yo! Official Homepage: http://www.yeyosound.com/

Source: Korea Love Girls
Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


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