[INSTAGRAM] 160308 Junsu Twitter Update – Anticipate Ballad concert in Japan a lot

[PHOTO] 오랜만에 셀카 한장ㅎもうすぐだよね!!!はやくあいましょう!!!!たくさんきたいしてもよさそうだ~~~~♤흐


One piece selca after a long time heu (N: following sentence is in Japanese) it’s pretty soon now right !!! Lets quickly meet !!!! It would be good if you anticipate it a lot ~~~~♤ heu (T/N: the expression “よさそうだ -it would be good..” Junsu learned from a dialogue in the anime Bleach. He just adds this to every sentence, even when it makes no sense.)


Source: xiaxiaxia1215
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

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