[TRANS] 2016 XIA THE BEST BALLAD CONCERT in JAPAN – Nagoya Day2 Genie time



Rainy night, Forever love, PROUD, 言葉にできない (can’t express in words)


Mission, Mirotic, Rising sun, HUG

Question & Answer

Q: Do you brush your teeth before a kiss scene in the musical?

A: I brush my teeth before eating food.

Before a kiss scene if I have time to go to the dressing room then I gurgle.

Q: Do you want to play pockey game with Yoochun again?

A: I don’t want to (play) it with Yoochun. I want to (play) it with Jaejoong. I have no interest in playing it with a person (i’ve already played) with once. I am a bad guy!

Q: Will you do a musical in Japan?

A: Though it is really tough to act in Japanese, I believe if I try, I can do it. Because even uptil now I have done those that I thought I could not do.

Q: Your favourite color is?

A: During my tens I liked red, during my twenties i liked blue. Right now, I like both red and blue, so I like the color with the two mixed, purple.

Q: Favourite food?

A: Hitsumabushi! (T/N: Nagoya’s famouse unagi/eel on top of rice). I really love it.

Q: Your next hair color is?

A: Secret.

Q: Favourite animal?

A: Tiger.

Q: Dancing or singing, which one do you like [more]?

A: I like you.

Q: Favourite Japanese [word/phrase] is?

A: 幽体離脱 Yutairidatsu (trans: out of body experience) 



It became so that in genie time he will answer questions. After that, he said, “I will recieve questions from everyone.”

Fan: Are you keeping in touch with Yoochun?

“Wh.. Why is it only Yoochun~~ [what about] Jaejoong? It would have been good~ [if you asked] if i am keeping touch with Yoochun and Jaejoong? (Laughs) I am in touch with both of them! I meet Yoochun occasionally and Jaejoong too, occassionally a [phone] call comes from him! And Jaejoong tells me to wake up early and enter (enlist in military) quickly (laughs).”

Source: @1215featxiahtic + @haruharu2tv5xq
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


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