[FANCAM + TRANS] 160315 XIA THE BEST BALLAD SPRING TOUR CONCERT vol.2 in Nagoya (Day 1): So Pretty + Junsu’s charms

Note: These two talk videos are in succession.
Talk after the song “참예뻐요(So Pretty)” from Musical Laundry


Thank you very much for the encore.
The song I sang right now was called “So Pretty”
It is a song that I believe properly returns my feelings for everyone that I think I want to express.
really, really
“We are Pretty”

from this song as well
a little bit
to everyone
(pause) [fan: you can do it]
did it get through ? 
(T/N: Did it get through to everyone even if it was a little bit through this song?) (applause)

I am not quite sure (about that) though
Till now, though it has been quite a lot, about 12-13 years since I debuted
From that time till now, being together
every year, every time
being together (with me) till today, really
my feelings of being, really really thankful
well, to what extent, even if I work hard in order to answer back to that
definitely, [even if] by the time I die,
I believe it will definitely loose to the love I have received by everyone.
as much as possible
with the singing
additionally do other various things, work hard on various [things]
what I have received from everyone,
so that I can also give
I want to work hard and
the song I sang right now, it’s contents is this as well
till now, being together with me for the 12-13 years
Really, Thank you very much. (bows) (applause)

Junsu’s Charms


It’s really regretful but, right now is not acting right
Really, only the last song is left.
I’ve said this every time no,
Though I really, want to do it for long, long, till after 12 am
Because if it gets after 12 am, even in Nagoya,
scary old men chan (T/N: chan is a honorific used for children)
are walking around like hyenas.

I said it before right,
“We are..”
ah, not We
“You all are..”
“You all are Pretty”
Just before did I say “We are..” ??

Is that really true?
then the meaning totally didn’t get through to you.
ya, (eukyangkyang)

“You all are Pretty”
It was this meaning.
why even though it is not “We” (laughs)
That is so, right.
Because you all are pretty,
Because you are beautiful,

Truthfully, amongst in here,
I am.
not we, but I
[I am] the most beautiful, the audience who are thinking that
(T/N: raise your hand if so)
Have confidence

Who is it? then.
a bit, then, then..
ah, that is so.
Definitely, it’s good to have confidence right?
ah, that was a joke.
right now, I got told “meann~”

well, well, well
I as well
right now (lightly laughs)
I also, honestly, during Tohoshinki, I did activities as a (group) of five right.
At that time, no matter who sees it,
everyone who met me, Junsu, for the first time
first time, whoever, everyone who saw me,
they pointed their finger at me
[and said] “you are definitely good at singing”
(to fans:) aren’t you laughing too hard?
ya, this side really laughed too hard!
ya, that laughing sound has really [to my] mental state…
ya.. it’s not a [good] feeling..
(lightly laughs)
(fans: Junsu you are cool!)

But, I say this every time right
For a man, it is not the face,
For the face, no matter who it is, once they age.. (lightly laughs)
Excuse me. (lightly laughs)
[For a] Man, what do i say..
sense of consideration,
consideration and

the laughing voice from before..
I can’t forget
I am not able to forget
when I said “you seem to be most good at singing”
(T/N: that side went) HAHAHAH!
(Junsu covers his face with his hand)
(Fan: but it is true, Junsu’s singing is good)
(Fans: It is true that Junsu’s singing is good!)
Eh? What??
(Rough trans: fan said Junsu is cool, Junsu is the best singer)
Oh, that I am good at singing the most?

That is wrong!!
Each one of the members have their charms
because they have their charms
that differs, really.
But singing is not my real charm
(fans: ehhh)
and it is not oyaji gags
that is, well..
but really well,
when [I] started [off] with tohoshinki
in Japan, what do i say..
what should i do so I’ll [be able] to sell..
The time when I was really confused about that
these oyaji gags, really what should I say
It became the one [shining] light but
It’s really true.
From those oyaji gags, from my oyaji gags
well, various, I was invited by the programme shows a lot.
If there wasn’t that
certainly that was the only [shining] light in the past
but certainly that, from there on
[our] real
The opportunity to have our Music heard was made though
But my real charm is not singing
the answer to that will be at the next stage.

well then,
while holding onto the feelings of wanting to know (T/N: aka curiosity)
I want to bid farewell

(fan: bottom!)
It is not [my] bottom (laughs)
It is quite hidden right now
It is certainly quite impressive
But more than my bottom

Eukyangkyang. (sits down, covers his face with his hand)
Excuse me.

Video Credit: XIARU 시아루
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


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