[OTHER TWITTER] Japan’s Light Kakizawa Hayato meets Korea’s L Kim Junsu 

Note: Kakizawa Hayato was double casted for the role of Light in Death note Japan Musical.  

Today, [went to] see Kim Junsu san’s concert☺︎
It was the most coolest performance!!
The hall was wrapped up with Love ^ ^

It was the first (time) meeting but…
Next time lets perform on the stage together♪
He said that to me.
A warm person^ ^
Should we do Death note [together]♪


Death note musical (Japan)


It’s been a long time apple! (T/N play of words, to the original word ‘ohisashiburi’ in the end “ringo” is added which means apple, because Ryuk in death note likes apple) Korea’s L, Kim Junsu san sang four Death note number songs at his concert-! was mesmerized-!

Source: @kakizawa_hayato + @dnmusical
Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


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