[FANCAM + TRANS] 160330 2016 XIA THE BEST BALLAD CONCERT in Tokyo (Day 1) – Last Talk


She was a [Korean] girl.
but, isn’t everything different
the color of the skin is different and
but he likes her
In that musical, while watching (T/N: the ‘So Pretty’ performance), I cried a lot.
while watching it, there was this message I thought.
Right now it is about everyone and I..

Harazuku, Harajuku, Harajuku
The kid is looking and me and going kehkehkeh (T/N: snickering), saying ah he is hopeless.
I am poorer in Japanese than you right
ah, this response was really shocking
when i said I am poorer right, he (bowed down till his waist as a nod)

more than a single word it came (breaking my heart)
I am poorer right (bowed down till his waist as a nod)
Thank you
Let’s do a Japanese showdown
How old are you?
10 years?
you are younger than 10 years right, I am sorry.
I understood

Yutairidatsu? (T/N: out of body experience)
Do you know?
I’m sorry, sorry, I thought I would win against a 10 year old (eukyangkyang)
A 30 year old who is thinking of winning against a 10 year old, Excuse me.
(T/N: naming places in Tokyo) Harajuku, shibuya.
ahh.. chamkkanman (T/N: ‘wait a minute’ in Korean)
uhh, Roppongi. over there quite a lot (T/N: go there a lot)
ah, Aoyama. ah, is Aoyama also Harajuku
Odaiba, Odaiba
Reversely I go to Odaiba often,
but Ginja I don’t really..
ok, ok, GinZa
(T/N: Ginza is a place in Tokyo, due to Korean not having the Z intonation, Junsu mistakenly said Ginja, common Japanese mispronunciations done by Koreans)
Scary! over there, is Really Scary!
When I said Ginja, (Junsu makes a face and puts both hands on his hips)
Excuse me.
Ginza. Gin Za, Za Za Za.
sigh.. Ginza

Ginza, not really
I don’t really like shopping so much.
(fans: ehhh)
ah, what was this? why? I don’t like [shopping]
(fans: ehhhh)
(Junsu flapping is hand side to side like a penguin, expressing ‘why’)
Jaejoong is the one who likes shopping
Amongst my surrounding celebrities I am probably the one who likes shopping the least
Right right, I like Donki
(T/N: Don Quijote, a chain store in Japan where you can find anything and is fairly reasonable priced. Junsu’s picture shopping at Don Quijote Roppongi was in a Japanese magazine, though I think a Roppongi branch, expensive area in Tokyo, would have expensive items, if I recall correctly he was reported to have bought an expensive watch)
Something that is a bit expensive I..
(fans: ehhh)
I like only [expensive] cars
well, well, Ok.

yes, like clothes
I do buy it when I buy but I am not that accustomed to it
I am not accustomed to it that much yet.
But Ginza is really,
filled just with things like Department [stores]
Isn’t it just a place where things are sold?
(fan: that is correct)
Am I wrong?
It’s like that right? (fan: it is.)
right, right.
But it is not just that reason
Ginza, isn’t it the most expensive place? that’s why I hadn’t heard about it.
the reason is a bit weird.
well, Gin.. Gin Za. I was [saying it] wrong again.
What it fun in Ginza?
Sushi? Sushi is everywhere no?
ah, there is that in Ginza, that
Toy, Toy world. that. there is right?
right, lets try and go there

Recently I have suddenly started liking toys
this kid again, when I said i’ve started liking toys he went hahahahah
Really, now.. it’s like I am being ignored.
that um, childlike
(fans amazed that Junsu knows the word ‘childlike’)
do you know [the word] childlike?
ah you know? Sorry.
When i said do you know [the word] childlike
(Junsu nodding his head)
childlike, childlike.. I can’t win right

Originally in the past I did talks from the heart, additionally I ended it with a message but
from the heart, talking about random things,
naturally, [it became] really like rough and realistic
normally if you see an artist’s concert video, splendid, while crying it ends right. That is now a bit lame..
later that talk, I’d like to talk, I have many feelings correct but right now with a natural feel, realistically, hebon (T/N: Korean word).. what to say, ah Japanese..
I think I want to finish with a pure feeling
I really say this every time but even in Ginza, when it becomes night
it is Dangerous! (fans saying it’s not)
why? (fan: it’s okay)
Scary old man chan are walking around (T/N: chan is a honorific used for children)
For everyone’s safety, over here with a pure feeling while singing the last song.
(fan: don’t want to end with pure feeling)
I forgot.. (T/N: that the orchestra was sitting behind him)
sorry. all this time, suddenly, that is right.
They were really quiet, I thought there was no one there
(laughs) Really, there is one more thing I want to say on this stage.
This time, the practice time was really less. but to that part really perfectly, before I arrived in Japan, they perfectly did it, the Orchestra, band, every one,
The orchestra here, the band, dancers all of them
I also want to convey it and from everyone as well a big round of applause.
Thank you very much.

Before I arrived everything was perfect, Really
I apologise. You really saved me
then with this orchestra, purely with everyone I believe I want to finish
This song was the first track in my third album
Is it okay if I drink water?
Then everyone, I will sing the last song
Please listen, Reach.

Video credit: lejxiah
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


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