[TRANS] 160331 March survey, “No.1 singing prowess amongst Korean boy group members is?” Results revealed!!

Korean idol groups that are composed of members who possess many charms… in singing, in looks, in rap.

Doing activities as the group’s vocal and as a solo singer, they let us listen to their singing prowess that doesn’t make you think of an idol.
On the occasion of selecting entries for this time’s survey to be carried out, in any group there were many members with an established opinion of their magnificent singing prowess, to the point of being perplexed (over it).

In this time’s survey which received an all time high excitement in Koari survey, who might be the one who came in at the top rank was?

Firstly, from No.1…

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 3.27.33 PMKim Junsu (JYJ)

The one who suppressed the large number of rivals and acquired the glory seat of No.1 is JYJ’s Kim Junsu!

(T/N: when entering to vote for this survey, voters had to write a small reason as to why, the following, I believe, are few that were submitted.)

・Because of his charming singing voice and overwhelming emotional expression, when he begins to sing in the moment that place’s air and atmosphere changes.
Everything is not the same, the singing voice changes depending on the melody or lyrics, you don’t get tired of it. Because he is an artist when heard LIVE, can hear a song better than the studio recording.

・Because whichever genre of song it may be, he holds the singing prowess to perfectly express the outlook of the world of that song, love the unique voice quality that only Junsu holds. Greatly admire his unwavering singing prowess even in an intense dance song.

・Overwhelming (vocal) volume. Length of breathe. Intonation with expression prowess. Vibrato. Can separate singing his own songs and musical.
Tears fall when hearing his singing voice. This year going to be 12 years since debut, my purpose in life is to watch over him, who continues to evolve.

・His throat hurt during puberty’s change in voice, on the contrary the voice he held became a unique sound. He attempted at musicals and the resounding natural life spurs on his expression prowess, the person watching, the person listening are charmed. Not just in theory but, without noticing making the whole body the ear, there is me who is listening attentively. Forgetting to even breath, to that extent to be lost in it.

・Loved by the God of music, shows (us) that love with his all, the best vocalist!
Build up a firm status as a musical actor, Junsu who holds singing and expression prowess that no longer suits to be introduced as an idol singer. 
Just by hearing the singing voice you know, “ah, it’s Junsu”, the individuality is (his) charm as well right.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 3.28.49 PMKim Jaejoong (JYJ)

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, regardless of not having been in the choices due to large number of votes came in at No.3! 

・I who only listened to western music till now, since I coincidentally heard Kim Jaejoong’s solo songs, the only Asian artist for who I am in a daze. When hearing Kim Jaejoong’s singing voice, I feel like I can forgive everything in this world. His singing voice has the ability to be popular in the world and I believe he can even become the successor of late David Bowie.

・Just being good at singing, in this world there are multitudes of singer who sing just with their singing ability but there aren’t many singers who makes a stir by touching a person’s heartstrings. I believe the singing ability which just says, ‘I will let you hear my song’, can not be said to be good.
To be able to do that, is only Jaejoong right now. He is a singer who is able to overcome the walls of words and resound in the back of our hearts right.

・From rock to ballad, can perform anything that broadness of range. In the new album No.X, the 7 kinds of voice showed his increasing progress which no one can follow!

A JYJ member together with Junsu and with that singing prowess Jaejoong has many fans.
Currently enlisted and working hard as a Korean man, his activities after discharge is being anxiously awaited right.

Source: Kaori
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

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