[TRANS] 160102 MC Gong Daeyu’s Blog, “I take care not to be too close to JYJ”

Note: I randomly came across MC Gong Daeyu’s blog post, which he posted on 2nd January 2016. He mainly wrote about all his activities in his previous year (i.e. 2015) and about his experiences. I just extracted the excerpt of what he mentioned regarding JYJ. For those who may not know, Gong Daeyu has been MCing most of JYJ’s fanmeeting in Japan or for Japanese fans, including the 2012, 2013, 2014 Membership week.

Huh!! Maybe there are those who think that but it’s roughly close to 3 years since I have the privilege of working with them but, everyone of JYJ as well, honestly is like that right. Kind of a strange feeling.
To have the privilege of MCing, to be honest everyone has a good relation, though more than (you) thought (we are) able to be seen as on good terms but in private I take care not to step into (their territory).
Though I like everyone, I take care not to like them too much…
If I like them too much, reversely doing MC will get tough.
Because MCing at the time of fanmeeting is the work to connect the artist and the audience. Especially for Hanryu (T/N: Korean wave) related the language differs and there are subtle cultural differences so keeping that in mind in order for everyone to enjoy themselves.
Because if you get too friendly the balance could not be seen properly.
But when attacking them on-stage, you can attack just till the limit. Laugh
There is that too of not being able to attack if you get too close!
And, there is possibility of attacking too much as well!
Reversely, at the time of the play it is the exact opposite.
Depending on the role being played it differs as well though.
It is a talk about such. Laugh
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

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