[FANCAM + TRANS] 160514 Junsu’s VCR message at Descendants of the Sun OST concert


… I am XIA.
Really, this time truthfully I also wanted to participate in this concert and wanted to be together with the other good singers as a 1 member but I am not able to I am sorry. However, I hope that you know that my heart is there at the venue hall. 
I will sing How Can I Love You

How Can I Love You
Do you know?

Can you tell me?
So my heart can fill in with your heart
Can you open the way?
How can I stand with you
It has already started
I can’t stop
When I open my eyes, I can only see you
You became my everything
Oh Love


[Caption: XIA (Junsu)’s special present for the “Descendants of the Sun O.S.T Concert”]

Descendants of the Sun, actors and singers, Fighting!

*More Fancam*

Video Credit: Ma小妮 via Vichelle Wong + 이한나 + lovingjs93 + urimeeee_
Kor-Jap Translations by @clearwater118 + MY ONLY XIA
Jap-Eng Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER
Lyrics translations by klyrics


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